Effective systems to protect homes against theft

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Effective systems to protect homes against theft
Effective systems to protect homes against theft

Effective systems to protect homes against theft

Definition of physical security at home is: a the protection of the home of several risks, may face by doing some actions and laws at home to reduce those risks.
What must be protected at home?
One of the most important things that we aim to protect them at home is to protect individuals, then the protection especially precious, such as money, jewelry, important documents, etc.
What potential risks?
There are several potential risks to the security of the home, including:
1) risk of theft:
Theft has several forms, theft of funds and jewelry, or theft of papers and files or disks containing important and sensitive information, or steal anything valuable. And theft could be any home, but there are reasons and factors that help to increase the likelihood of theft when you ignore some important measures at home.
2) fire danger:
“Fire is perhaps the most dangerous home emergencies and greatest it exposes to death. Therefore, protecting the House from the danger of fire is the best and most important goals that we should work for it. “
3) risk of accidents inside the House:
There are incidents that may occur within the home may expose individuals to risk, individuals could avoid them by applying some security measures inside the House. Individuals may be more prone to such incidents, they are the children of ignorance over the notification, such as: risk of medications by children, danger of falling from the stairs (peace) for children and others.
Some procedures and laws (tips) which provides physical security at home, and if you have mostly we evaluate that material security: Home
First: theft protection procedures:
1) provide some home equipment (systems) security:
We categorized into types as follows:
A) external protection systems:
The regulations give rise to alarm the thief before it enters the home. Such regulations mainly depends on the use of contactors of doors and Windows and glass break detectors. The moment you open the door or window, or broken glass, alarms are activated.
B) internal protection systems:
The regulations that make the House trap for a thief, where the use of movement detectors, i.e. that the thief must be inside the building before any warning, it is a silent warning to the security services “
C): integrated protection systems
The systems that combine internal and external protection system; to investigate more safely home.
Individuals also prefer covert cameras at places where valuables even in the absence of warnings systems, alternative can be, and is a good idea especially if home strangers as a maid or other.
2) protect home entrances and exits:
A) doors and locks:
Conditions to be taken into account in the preparation of sections, including:
* In rooms containing valuable collectibles, prefers to put locks on their doors the room type that cannot be broken from the outside, it opens by the handle from the inside only, either from the outside only with a key called (deadbolt).
* Provide a location external gates secret cameras store images, in order to enable home owners see it later.
* In case of loss or theft of one of the home keys you should switch closure immediately.
* To be made from the main doors material strong unbreakable.
* “If we can lock out the door by pushing the button on the door handle and the door closes, thieves can open it quickly and quietly, something undesirable.
B) Windows:
You must provide the Windows closed, and also special window for Windows made from iron or aluminum, which in turn made it difficult for the thief to infiltrate the home.
C) ceilings and walls:
Bishop and fences may be a means to help the thief to enter for home if not where some specifications that provide protection, i.e. that the Bishop should not be animated and are high, as well as an electric razor and if possible, fences high must be difficult to climb.
D) ventilation adjustment slots:
During the design of the House: home owner should try to minimize air conditioning and ventilation slots as far as possible, any frequent presence of normal or centralized adjustment means frequent openings at home, and this facilitates the thief snatch conditioner and sneak it into the House, so it’s best to use the separate adjustment as air conditioning units, external and internal unit ((Split.