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Energy & dowsing

What is the internal energy, and how we can use it properly in order to bring us the positive results that we want in relation to the art of rabdoskopias.
All the living organisms need to have a certain level of energy to operate the course our bodies smoothly, something like internal batteries should be charged with a certain power level.
This action can we strengthen it through our food, but from the internal management of our Organization.
In this section we will deal only with the inner part of our energy management.
Notice a few details that some times our energy become more pronounced the most patient, e.g. If an event occurs that makes you happy then your energy become very intense and immediately gives you and physical strength, otherwise an unpleasant fact may cause you physical fatigue.
That’s because unconsciously let external events to lure us without our consent, resulting in some times to increase our internal strength and other times to reduce the to squander without being able to monitor, having score to waste any stored energy has our body.
Fortunately the nature in all living organisms has predicted this waste of energy and has taken care to bring it back again in our body during our sleep by loading from the beginning our internal it is fully charged.
Imagine if we could control this power and not to squander needlessly how differently we could live and how much more resistance would have been mentally and physically.
A simple method is that during the day we begin to see ourselves how behave in positive and negative external events that barbarizing us incessantly.
A small example to understand how we can manage our energy. When you are on a long drive with your car and you are in a hurry to get to your destination? Notice how we evolved internally inside of you the annoyance and gradually physical exhaustion until to reach our destination.
Consider now whether this frustration doesn’t let to manifest how winner would you be and how calm you will get to your destination and most importantly how much energy I had left inside you to get where you really need.


We can think of many similar examples to understand how important it is to not squander our energy unnecessarily in trivial external events.
The daily saving of energy will help us greatly in we can collect our thoughts to the desired target at the time of research, always in combination with physical relaxation and rest of the previous day.
The energy storage through our everyday life is valuable, and it is the essential ingredient for us to utilise all our internal forces in the art of the rabdoskopias,
The dowsing is a part of the internal and external search of every researcher manifesting in front of a magical world that few can understand and fewer understand it, marching the secret path of the investigation unfold in front of us all the past history.
All objects that are buried in the ground and have to give us a story, articles which have travelled in time and will continue to bear witness to their story to those who will ‘ choose ‘ to be found in their way.