Equipment to search for various metals

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Equipment to search for various metals


The appearance of the underwater metal detector significantly simplified life seabed researchers , historians, archaeologists , treasure hunters . With this device is much easier to find coins , amphorae , jewelry, shipwrecks , etc. Since the middle of last century , the search for shipwrecks and traces of ancient settlements in most cases, is crowned with success. Modern metal detectors minelab, garrett fisher and beep as soon as they are able to detect the required items . It is very important that you do have the ability to set the search parameters. For example, if the goal is gold jewelry, it is not necessary to collect at the bottom of all the iron trash. To do this, before diving underwater metal detector is programmed to detect a specific precious metal .

modern metal detectors

This equipment has appeared almost a hundred years ago. First was invented air finder for use in aircraft. Patented his German scientist Gerhard Fischer . He immigrated to the United States , where he founded his own company to produce metal detectors. Early last century , Einstein drew attention to the development of Fisher and they saw a great future. As soon as the first detector was patented , the eminent physicist said it is only the beginning , and that very soon this plan equipment that will be used not only in the air. He believed that this is the optimal device for searching on land and underwater . Today in the loyalty of his judgments can make each.


Fisher Company first took up the development and production of metal detectors. Fisher first started a small laboratory in the garage of his house . It is there that he created the first models of metal detectors. They are bulky and heavy. But even so uncomfortable devices can determine ore deposits and various metal objects . Already in the thirties and forties of the last century Fisher metal detectors were widely used for the detection of concealed weapons , deposits of various metals , treasures , etc.


In the middle of the twentieth century began to appear , and other companies , which kind of activity was the production of such equipment . One of them was a corporation Garrett. Today it is the world leader in metal detectors . Company was founded in 1964 by Charles L.Garrettom . Outstanding electronics engineer had worked at NASA. Dreamer and adventurer , he was constantly engaged in the search for treasure . But , unfortunately , released at that time did not meet the detectors . Garrett so he decided to undertake the development of this equipment. He used the family savings and founded his own company . Wife strongly supported her husband – the inventor and adventurer . Vera loved ones helped Garrett succeed.

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