Excavations and its relation to the science of archaeology and restoration

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Excavations and its relation to the science of archaeology and restoration
Flag of excavations and archaeology and restoration:-
On this subject the environment effects on buried sites, excavation and study the importance of environment in intact live effects and different circumstances surrounding, therefore it invites us to point out the importance of this science and the work being done to discover what’s in this environment, we mean knowledge Excavation and excavation begins his story since he had tried to identify human civilization and a history of bygone eras have lived in.
Some might think that prospecting effects is simply constant drilling singer to get valuable effects or antiques beautiful yielding its detected most goes, admittedly alhavaeralathrih was about 100 years ago to search for treasures, but in terms of modern archaeology differs so markedly,
It is important:
First: excavation and exploration and extraction effects and recording their descriptions and maintenance.
Second: use these effects shed new light on the past and evolution of human civilization and history.
One scientist said that archaeology is digging and excavating things but looking human on Earth “and another said that the goal of archaeology, excavations reveal the evolution of human civilization and highlights and explains the pace of this development.”
Let it be known that archaeology is not only excavations, they say the spad is shovel pick Digger is not the most important and most dangerous of the pen, the latter becoming a powerless without a shovel, and it becomes at the same time aware specialist, the scientific findings in the archaeologist does not come only through excavations, library and free research and conclusion and analysis.
Excavations of science science science-related history, archaeology, engineering, geology, 25,000 professional Sciences, etc, either in relation to the restoration of monuments and conservation science is relevant, so that the rig is detected, either Restorer cycle begins at the site of impact detection and extends beyond to ensure the safety and maintenance of the impact.
Process effects in field excavation:-
Passes clipping path in field excavations with a series of special stages and is detected, recording, effects, panning, filtering, labelling, configuration, transport.
If we consider that the ultimate goal of the research is already to have material can be placed exactly in the same conditions that existed prior to the disclosure, and this is what I yearn no record or erase or lifting stranded in photography, diagrams, etc.
Fossil: camp.
The Chairman of the pit and supervisor — since his arrival in the region of exploration – choose a location for the camp resides the fossil.
If the drill far from all places of the world where there are buildings for accommodation, it shall set up a camp near the pits.
And to work on processing all the comforts for prospecting and excavation season, especially if a few months long.
If all mission personnel in tents, it’s best to set up a room of wood or Tin and the inclination of the roof sloping to gather rainwater.
The closet door lock it governs bemzlak a solid lock, used such roommate to develop archaeological discoveries.
A similar compartment improves but with large window before drawing table and are used as a ceremony or a plant, especially for developing and printing the images so that they are equipped with black curtains of oppressed her when developing and printing films and pictures.
As the excavation must be equipped with tools and quick first aid medicines, particularly vaccines and injection device for use against the Scorpion sting or snake bites, against poisoning from injuries caused by metal tools or screws, etc.
We must equip a wallki archaeological discoveries safe keeping of precious artifacts and save liquid amounts found in the excavation, fearing exposure to theft. It also must enter into consideration to provide the camp with the necessary and adequate lighting, either by pipeline from electric or gas lamps or by a generator running diesel fuel for example.
Must take into account the hygiene in the camp always fear of disease and insects, and must insure individuals involved in the excavation, including workers, believes the camp fire, accident with insurance company guaranteed before you begin excavation.

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