How to extract gold from the radio components

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How to extract gold from the radio components – In a great number of radio components contained gold. Let him much, but would be enough for making jewelry . But not everyone knows how to get the gold out of the electronic components. Not necessarily be cool chemist , just need to know and follow the safety tips below.

– First read the passport radio parts . You will learn what percentage of gold they contain. This is required to calculate the amount of reagents and reaction times . All work is carried out in a well- ventilated area , do not forget to wear gloves and a lab coat .

– The next step – cooking ” aqua regia “. This ratio of nitric and hydrochloric acids – three to one. Heat the mixture to seventy degrees. Then take the workpiece and dissolved in this mixture . Lower parts in small portions to three grams and only after the solution of the previous .

– In Radio detal much copper. Therefore, the resulting solution will be dark green . You need to evaporate the solution until its volume is reduced by several times. Besides copper and iron there . Therefore, it is necessary to pour the solution into a few milliliters of hydrochloric acid. Then rapid precipitate dissolved.

– To a solution of common salt to pour a little . Slowly heat the container until they get ” wet salt “. Add boiling water and continue to evaporate . Then came the turn of the addition of hydrochloric acid , it will take a few milliliters. Continues to heat up , remove the remnants of a solution of nitric acid.

– Added to the mixture solution of 0.5% hydroquinone . 100 ml of solution 1 ml is hydroquinone. Then leave the mixture for four hours , but do not forget to stir occasionally . Then filter the solution through a dense filter. The resulting composition is a need to re-melt layer of borax at 1100 degrees. Cooled and then separated from your gold lumps solidified borax.

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