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Dowsing rods industry to search for burials

Dowsing rods industry to search for burials Dowsing rods may be the best way to search for burials,Especially it's cheap Read more

Michelle Freeman table

  Michelle Freeman table adopted in 1985, when you see this icon next to any currency you can specify number Read more

Table, Allen adopted 1991

Table, Allen adopted 1991 r-8 Unique or several pieces r-7 Extremely rare a few dozen r-6 Very rare several hundred Read more

Explanation of some ancient coins of unknown description

Explanation of some ancient coins of unknown description Many amateurs have unidentified currencies and unreasonable that browses all hobbyist sites Read more

The rush for profit, often causes a person to invent methods of creating illegal copies of anything, including coins. Ways of manufacturing of “fake” coins quite a lot, because history falsifications begins from the moment of occurrence of the first currency. How to create fake coins, the most common way of falsification is casting (die casting). First the scammers create cliches (the form for casting) imitating both sides of the coin. Then pour in there alloy. The finished coin cover any precious metal or cheap paint, reminiscent of the color of the desired metal. Previously this way on coins leave the flaws in the form of bubbles and Fuzzy images. Electrolysis technologies are copying and centrifugal casting the presence of bubbles came down to a minimum, and the picture became clear, causing additional difficulties numismatists in determining the authenticity of the coins. Nevertheless, improvement of technological approaches to the casting of fakes still helps to achieve the desired weight parameters of coins.

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