The most famous gold rush stories

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The most famous gold rush stories

Gold fever is called mass arising spontaneously , unorganized gold mining accidentally open new mines . The nature of such insanity – a spontaneous rush of prospectors from all over the country and the very predatory methods of extracting precious metal.

Emerging gold mines beckon to him seekers from all points of the country. The dramatic influx of people stimulates the economy of the region, but not for long. Appearing at the phenomenon of the city are often forgotten by all subsequently become the so-called ghost towns .

Stages of development of the gold rush

Historically, gold fever develops almost always one and the same scenario :

– The opening of a gold mine . As a general rule , in order to initiate general excitement , there was no little nugget . It was necessary to find a large quantity of metal , combined with easy method of extraction.
-Spontaneous migration of new miners . Rumors of gold discoveries spread rapidly and attracted the attention seekers of easy money . In the region begins the influx of the male population .
-Placer method . The simplest method of extraction Zsolt . Armed with a pan and shovel, digging work on the ground and washed mine gold in a sieve .
Start of mechanization. After ending production of gold by simple methods , to replace ordinary people come with their own equipment company .
– The outflow of miners . After the start of gold mining companies, prospectors flow is reduced or stopped. They return to their hometowns , leaving the settlements built in a hurry, along with their entire infrastructure.

Interestingly, during the  gold rush among miners was young and famous writer Jack London . However, all his diligent searches have not been successful, but yielded a wealth of material for future works .

The most famous gold rush stories
The most famous gold rush stories

Of course, the  Gold Rush was not only gold “disease” in history. Here are a few historical references of the most sensational gold fever that ” sick ” people in different countries.

Notable gold rushes

-gold rush began in America, as most of these , with the son of a farmer finds a huge gold nugget weighing in at 7 pounds . The child’s father passed the nugget to a jewelry store and helped out a lot of money with this find . This success gave him a inspiration to continue the search . Subsequently, he has amassed a large fortune on it . His example was contagious for thousands of other Americans.
– Siberian gold rush , as you can tell from the title, began in the depths of Russia . In 1812, a decree was issued allowing the subjects to look for and develop deposits of precious metals. As a result, in 1830, covered Siberia “golden disease .” The scale , of course, was less than their western neighbors , but placer gold mined throughout the 1830s
– California Gold Rush also began in the United States. 1848 was the beginning of the largest and most famous gold rush in history. Carpenter James Marshall found gold at a time when he was working in a sawmill . And for the next year in the small town of Colom gone more than a few tens of thousands of seekers of wealth. All the men have left the state head in gold mining . Production fell , businesses went bankrupt , closed farm.
-The famous gold rush in Australia . Began in 1851. Victoria hit by this disease. Were found deposits of precious metals in the state of Victoria. People found gold in the form of large nuggets. In one month, mining prospectors found about 20 pounds of gold. As a result, the state’s population increased by nearly one hundred times .
– Witwatersrand Gold Rush . After Australia , the baton intercepted African fever . When gold miner George Harrison was found a large gold deposit . But , unlike the others, finding a gold mine in the uncomfortable position for normal production has attracted attention not prospectors , namely companies. To this day, this field continues to be developed .

You can count the fun of the fact that an impressive number of workers who went to the mines , has spent more money than is rescued from gold mining. They spent on transport, housing and food in a non-native town. And sometimes came back with nothing.

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