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Fire alarm offices – Fire alarm system in the offices started to use recently . Of course, not all fully understand (understanding comes gradually ) that the security system in the office is able to protect you from unexpected expenses . Therefore , it would be logical in the next repair to take care of the safety and security of property.

Take into account the dimensions of the room

In areas with a large area , which decorated with plastic and literally crammed with paper documentation , the fire will spread very quickly. In this situation it is not so important to find the source of fire , however , it is important to respond quickly . Therefore, the best choice would be the model of the light and heat of fire alarm .

Wireless fire alarm system

Wireless fire alarm system

Modern offices are often located in rebuilt homes, but the fire hazard of not less than in the business – the center. Especially great is the danger at night when employees hurry home and may not notice the fire.

Fire alarm installation in offices with a small area is much easier and less expensive than installing in spacious rooms.
Mounting several fire detectors is sufficient to timely inform on fire . In the presence of large amounts of expensive office office equipment, it is advisable to make the integration of fire and security systems.

Should be located where smoke detectors ?

Fire sensors have the task – the first “learn” about the ensuing fire and transmit this information to the console . Typically, these sensors are configured to factors peculiar to fire – it is light , heat and smoke. To avoid false positives , it is necessary to position the fire detectors . For example, it is not necessary to install smoke detectors in places where a lot of smoke.

Temperature sensors worth positioned away from heating pipes and heaters

Light detectors can work with excessive light, so you need to very carefully consider all . And it will be good if this sensor is no direct sunlight and lighting apparatus .

And remember, in any case , do not cover sheets of plasterboard fire detectors and sensors do not hide under the false ceiling ! This greatly reduces their quality . And it manifests itself more time to detect the source of fire , the increase in false positives , as the sensors and dust.

For efficient operation of the fire alarm install it during the repair office. However, you need to choose a security system at the stage layout of the room .