fire alarm systems installation

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fire alarm systems installation – Everyone knows what needs to be fire alarm system – to alert occupants of a fire inside the building.
Modern fire alarm system may include the revitalization of the smoke and fire extinguishing equipment . On how was correctly installed and adjusted by a fire alarm , depends on human life and health .

What you need to know about designing a fire alarm ?

The project must be created alarm for each object separately taking into account all the individual characteristics of the object. Nevertheless , there are common requirements for any project , the relevant rules of electrical and fire safety standards .
The first step is the organization that sets off the fire alarm , certainly must be licensed MOE, and it’s worth paying attention . Some jobs , such as cabling , allowed since 2010 to carry out without a license. But it must be guided by the new requirements , which, unfortunately , have not yet been published anywhere .

fire alarm systems installation

And so to you by the fire department did not have any issues , it is best to consult a specialist company that has all the approval documents .

Next to that , you need to pay attention , and this is very important – on-site specialist must identify the problem areas from the standpoint of fire safety, work out possible escape routes , to identify the optimal location of the sensors . At this stage, selected equipment and materials compiled specification . And taking for the base specification , the estimates begin to be carried out works. From right laid cable route , work energy calculations , as well as the timing of the fire alarm in standalone mode will depend , to take bodies MOE or not.

Types of fire alarm systems

Several years ago , the most common type was the threshold alarm . Sensor is triggered in the case when the ambient temperature became higher performance inherent in them . On the remote only input on fire , but to find out where the source of fire , it was very difficult .

Perfect analog addressable system allows to pinpoint the source of fire .

The most effective to date – an automatic fire alarm, which promptly notifies starting ignition .
When integrating fire alarm systems such as fire-fighting system , CCTV system , access control system – a system of access control , you best protect the protected object .