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fisher metal detectors fisher F2-simple device is well suited for beginners, has minimum settings, will cope with it like an adult and a child.


fisher metal detectors fisher F2 entry-level device can detect the coin at a depth of about 20-23 cm, larger objects detects up to 95 cm. Thanks to its simplicity, the indicator and the fisher metal detectors fisher F2 very quickly became a popular model of metal detectors and became the roven′ with metal detectors.

The fisher F2 possesses some of the fastest recovery time among entry – level metal detectors – meaning the fisher F2 takes very little time to respond to the next target, after responding to the previous. This ultra-quick recovery time allows you to detect two objects within close proximity to each other. Detectors possessing slow recovery time are often unable to detect the presence of two nearby objects resting near each other.

fisher metal detectors fisher F2-allows you to visually identify the object and the depth of its occurrence, with a digital display index of electrical conductivity (VDI) on display,  sound identification and mode of accurate detection ” Pin Point goal. ” In the mode “Pin Point” automatically pinpointing the exact location of the object and its depth.

While Fisher is long recognized for building reliable and rugged metal detectors, thefisher metal detectors fisher F2, ironically doesn’t give the appearance of being a strong and sturdy piece of machinery. Real world use, however, proves the fisher metal detectors fisher F2 as equally durable as most of the entry-level metal detectors in its class. At just over two and a half pounds, the fisher metal detectors fisher F2 is easy to manipulate and should provide plenty of fatigue-free hours of treasure- hunting enjoyment.

fisher metal detectors fisher F2

8 ” coil 
2 Alkaline battery 9 v (Krone)
instruction manual in English
fisher metal detectors fisher F2-specifications
target identification on LCD screen
4 audio tones
Pin pointing (accurate target location) — with just one click
Configure button Notch Discrimination
determining depth of purpose
weight 1.2 kg
running time-30 hours
working temperature from- -20 up to +50

Possibilities For fisher metal detectors fisher F2

Automatic ground balance with no loss of sensitivity.
Statistical behavior of “PIN-POINT” to determine the exact location of the object in the ground.
Dynamic modes: “all metals”/”DISC”
“NOTCH”-mask, manual programming of custom program to exclude unwanted object groups.
The LCD monitor has 8-type goal’s segment identification purpose.
2 x digital identity on a scale from 0 to 99 makes it possible to distinguish and remember the goal.


Digital identification of target depth in the “PIN-POINT”
Segmented LCD display target depth in dynamic mode.
Sensory sensitivity level change “triggers” and “discrimination”.
4-tone acoustic signal for different types of metals; The swift response from the target.
Standard connector for headphones.
LCD status indicator batteries.
Nutrition Crohn 9V-2 PCs.
Concentric coil 20 cm.
Weight in working order -1.2 kg.