G-3 Fisher

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G-3 Fisher

The Gemini-3 was designed to detect major targets located deep-such a big metal box or multiple currencies or a pipe and has the possibility of finding gaps in the ground.

G-3 Fisher

Depending on the mineral content of the soil and the size of the target, the Gemini-3 items can be found at a depth of 20 feet (6 meters) or more. The receiver and the transmitter operated at 82 Khz and frequency is controlled by crystals.


Detects all metal and only on large objects. There are four research functions. The exact location of the target system with VCO, the most advanced technologically. Works with 16 batteries 1, 5V for 50 hours and with headphones still more. 2-year warranty.


Instructions in ENGLISH


Pipe diameter 3/4 ” = 1.91 cm depth 1.5 m
14 “diameter Cap = 35.65 cm depth 1.5 m
Pipe diameter 1 “= 2.54 cm depth 2 m
Tube diameter 2 ” = 5.08 cm depth 2.1-2.5 metres
Cap diameter 30 cm depth = “76,20 2,4-3 m
Tube diameter 10 “= 25,40 cm depth 4 m
55 gallon barrel = 208 litre deep 5 meters
Oil tank