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Agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history.
It has been used in jewelry since Babylonian times. It was used to ward off storms … As it was put at the head of sleeper to keep dreams and nightmares. And Agate believed good for gum disease and stomach troubles.

Agate is found in all parts of the world including: Africa, Asia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Nepal and the United States.

Agate types


Alexandrite is very rare stone. Named relative to Alexander II of Russia.
Alexandrite has an unusual phenomenon which change colour depending on the spotlight, and the finest and best kinds is Alexandrite bubblegum green and changing color when exposed to artificial light to bright red.
The most important sources of stone in the world today are: Russia, Brazil and Sri Lanka.


Amber is technically not precious stones or metals, but ibar Gummy material extracted from fossilized trees from the prehistoric age over millions of years. The most common types of golden yellow, but also can be found in the white Milky colours, red, Orange, blue, green, black and violet (which is very rare).

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It was used by doctors in ancient times for headaches, heart problems, arthritis, stomach, spleen and kidneys and teething pain in children.


Called quartz crystal in shades of purple, Amethyst word meaning ancient Greek language “without residue” of drinks alcohol, it was believed that protects from venom.
Ancient Egyptians used Amethyst to prevent feelings of guilt and fear. As well as protection from witchcraft.

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Use the energy of the Amethyst stone to help heal wounds and to address problems of the heart and lungs.
Amethyst is used for blood problems and respiratory problems. It also helps relieve headaches.


Stone is a mixture of amethyst walsitrin in one stone.
Until very recently, the only source in the world for the ammeters are the jungles of Bolivia. And discover for the first time by Indian natives in the seventeenth century.
Featuring stone containing the properties of amethyst and citrine together in terms of potential energy.
Making a distinctive and unique stone properties.


Named with this name by Jean-Claude Delamétherie in 1798 to Andalusia in Spain, and that came from the first specimen discovered from this stone.

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The best types of andalosight type called Chiastolite is a brown stone contains black cross.
Uses some therapists chiastolite to relieve fever, rheumatism, and balance the immune system, strengthen nerves, increase lactation in nursing mothers.

Chiastolite sources:
This stone was found in Chile, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Canada and the United States.