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Gold  detector AT GOLD

AT Gold is one detector all terrain for all types of treasures, for deep searches, in short is a professional treasure detector.
AT Gold is a Garrett AMPHIBIOUS all terrain detector (works both within the water and soil), very good to detect in rainy season. Ideal for the search for lost jewelry or coins, offers a magnificent response to the gold, and is fully SUBMERSIBLE.
AT Gold is one of the detectors of gold, silver and other metals that are highly recommended for: search for coins, jewels, relics, hidden treasures, prospecting, powers of detectors, sensing in the beaches.
Main features:
Pro Audio mode: Proportional Audio and variable audio tone, allow the user to hear characteristics of a detected object.
AT Gold can be submerged up to 3 meters.
Coil submersible DD of 14 x 20 cm.
Discrimination of iron of high resolution: Buttons to configure the discrimination of iron (40 levels), for an accurate classification between desirable detected objects and junk.
Detected object Digital identification: the scale of 0 to 99 of the detected object identification increases the ability to distinguish a detected object from others.
Characteristic audio for iron objects.
Fast speed of recovery: allows a greater detection ability of desirable objects among the garbage.
All-terrain versatility: waterproof control box. Designed for areas dry and dusty, damp or wet; the team is fully submersible to a depth of 3 meters.
Operating frequency: 18 KHz, this often improves the detection of objects that are small and especially small objects of gold, such as: gold nuggets, jewelry, coins and relics.
Ground balance: automatic and Manual for enhanced performance.
Analyzer chart of detected object (GTA): identifies the conductivity of the detected objects, using a numerical scale that reaches 99.
Continuous depth indicator: to determine the depth of the detected object.
Battery indicator.
(6 Categories of objects) search modes: Personal, all Metal or coins (standard or professional) and Pinpoint (exact location).
Headphones water proof can be optionally purchased.

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