Garrett ACE 250 metal detector test

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Garrett ACE 250 metal detector bears the palm for many years due to its reliability , ease , intuitive operation and extraordinary performance for its class . It detects small objects to a depth of 25 cm and larger objects to a depth of 60 cm , without complicated settings. This is the best choice for beginners hunters . The device can determine the depth of the findings and show of what metal it . Special pointer PinPoint accurately locate valuable object in the ground.

garrett ace 250 review

garrett 250 metal detector best metal detectors - ACE 250 and X- Terra 705


Reel series Performance 6.5×9 ” to find in the land and in the water
Search elliptical coil Performance 6.5×9 ” covers a large surface area in a single pass , and allows you to find coins and jewelry at a sufficient depth . She is an excellent looking objects under water, only to immerse the appliance can be the electronic unit. Garrett ACE 250 metal detector suited for coils with other manufacturers which could further increase the depth of the search or improve the selectivity of the device in trashy sites.

The coil AKA DD 13 for Garrett ACE 250

5 downloaded programs to search for specific purposes
Taking ACE 250 Metal Detector for a convenient handle , you will gain access to the contrast display and convenient control unit. Its easy to understand and master . Use the search finished , you can choose a program to find ” all metal “, ” Jewelry “, ” Relics “, ” coins ” , or customize your program – “Custom ” , aimed at finding a particular object , for example, only gold and silver. After operation the edited program is saved search .

Garrett ACE 250 metal detector test


12-segment discriminator eliminates unnecessary search metals
With ” Graphic Analyzer purpose” displays information about the conductivity of the subject. Asya discrimination scale detector 250 consists of 12 segments. Each of them is responsible for a specific type of metal. When you disable unneeded metal instrument will not find them. The program allows you to eliminate discrimination search trash and focus on finding valuable items . When an object is detected , you will hear an audible response , 3-level tone identification allows the sound to determine the value of a find.

Garrett ACE 250 metal detector test


Modular design provides a search readiness for 0.5 min
Special handle and armrest confident will fix the device in hand. Easy and convenient design of the detector can be endlessly and tirelessly led the ground. In the stowed position , he disassembled into 3 parts , making it easy to transport . Garrett ACE 250 metal detector shows less than a minute. The efficiency of the device is provided by 4 AA batteries , one set is enough for 40-50 hours of active search .