Garrett ACE 250. Sensitivity

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Garrett ACE 250. Sensitivity



Now, let’s check out what we have learned into practice. Always remember about using key points in search of treasures: work, patience and research, they will lead you to success. The study is important because treasure can be found only in places where it may be at least theoretically. Remember that you need to seek out treasures in places where people can have something to lose. Parks and crowded beaches are the most popular places, but you can find other good sites. Here are some tips for searching. When walking, move the search Coil from side to side in front of you. Take your time, try to keep the search coil at the same level, about 3-5 inches above the ground.

Garrett ACE 250. Sensitivity



Scan area as would overlap, each time taking on a new coil of no more than 25 per cent of its length. Do not skip any zones. Try not to lift the coil in the final phases of the movement. Be systematic, concentrate on scanning. When you look for in Any metal any metal object will be indicated by a sound, growing and on the top bar will always appear in the cursor mode, you would not be. Until you will gather experience, we recommend that you look for in any metal and scrape out all the detected objects. Remember that any object will always retain their cursor on the upper scale, but the audio detector will emit only when the cursor is the same as the marked segment at the bottom of the scale.


This metal detector is the most easy to use among all the tools the company Garrett. Table of identifiable objects helps you decide to dig or not. Depth scale indicates that the object is at a depth of 10 centimeters. Precise positioning of object will help you get it with minimal excavation. This is done by clicking the “orientation” (pinpoint). Spend the first metal detector in different directions around the goal. Then press and hold the “orientation”.


Now once again, scan the area around a found object. Draw an imaginary cross on the ground, where the volume is maximum. A look at the top scale, it gets dark from left to right, pointing to the strength of the signal from the target. Listen to amplified sound. When it gets dark the whole scale and volume is maximal, it means that the center of the search coil is directly above the object. And now comes the time of excavation. Always try to do the minimum pit is faster, requires less effort, and you will be able to quickly bury and bury these holes must always!
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