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Garrett AT Gold metal detector is a metal detector for gold
on land and under water. You will find gold at great depth. AT Gold metal detector It is a detector that is designed to find gold.

Garrett AT Gold metal detector allows you to detect deep in all types land. This metal detector can be used in any type of terrain or low the water to detect gold and any other metal. It has a frequency of 18 kHz which you It provides an enhanced detection of small gold nuggets, jewelry, coins and relics.

The new Garrett AT Gold covers the gap that had so far. We find ourselves before a metal detector that finds any metal to any circumstances and terrain.

Maximum depth on land and in the water with the professional metal detector Garrett AT Gold. Designed from scratch to be used in all types of terrain.

Characteristics of Garrett AT Gold metal detector

MODE all metals: The authentic way that warns us of the location of any metal, which offers the greater depth of detection and sensitivity with the small pitas.

ANALYSIS objectives graph: Displays simultaneously the conductivity of the objective and the pattern of discrimination that has the detector.

ALL-terrain: Designed to be used in wet, humid and dusty environments. With a weather-resistant body, which can be dipped into water to depths of up to 3 meters.

ID DIGITAL targets: Scale of numbers from 0 to 99, indicating the with ductividad of a metallic object to improve the ability to differentiate between types of objects.

DISCRIMINATION of iron of high resolution: Has 40 points from discriminated – tion of iron controlled by screen touch and displayed as a number on the LCD screen digital to offer the best accuracy in the separation of a desired objective and iron waste.

ADJUSTABLE threshold: Allows the user to manually customize the audio (the threshold constant background sound) to better listen to the objectives.

PROPORTIONAL mode AUDIO: Audio proportional response functions and Tone Roll Audio; They offer more information about the target.

IRON AUDIO: Allows the user to listen discriminated against iron and also allows the iden tification of flat iron objects are unwanted such as bottle tops and tabs.

ALL-METAL IRON AUDIO; (Audio of all metals and iron): A unique feature Garrett that allows the user to aurally identify iron objects even when It works on all metals mode.

BALANCE of land (MANUAL): Allows the detectorist manually adjust the balance of land of the detector to reduce the harmful effects of the mineralization of the soil.

GROUND BALANCE WINDOW; (Earth Balance window): A unique feature Garrett that allows the user to ‘split’ the land to increase balance setting nuir response to subtle variations in soil.

BALANCE of land FAST TRACK: Automated feature that allows the detectorist balan CEAR the land of the metal detector quickly for the conditions of soils mineralized two.

ELECTRONIC signaling: This mode without movement of all (Non-Motion All-Metal) is used to locate with precision a goal that has been detected.

HUNT for TREASURES with a twist: By pressing a button, your metal detector is lights, restarts with factory settings, or which has custom and as I would be ready to detect.

Objectives Digital identifier (scale from 0 to 99)

For the first time Garrett has included in its metal detectors a scale to identify objectives. Garrett AT Gold metal detector comes with a set of identification of objective digital, offering you the specific target value that will help you identify the objects buried with greater precision and ease. All targets are shown in the LCD screen by a number. The objectives that are closer to 1 are minerals highest percentage of iron. As you go up the scale, objects more with ductivos they appear closer to 99 numbers.

Search for treasures and prospecting for gold in any terrain

Garrett AT Gold metal detector is made of a shell controls and connections waterproof NES. This allows that the detector is protected in a dusty environment, in mohecidos, damp or wet locations. AT Gold can be immersed in water to a deep Dad of 3 meters. Use it to find treasures at the edge of the beach and in ponds, streams and swimming, etc. Now you can experience a detector that is just as good on Earth as in the water. Take your treasure hunting to a new extreme.

Here is shown the Garrett AT Gold metal detector used in shallow water. It is important to note that headphones blue raincoats shown in the photo (optional) spelling are that must be purchased if you dip them. Land headphones included with the AT Gold not be immersed in water.

In the previous picture is double D 5 “x 8” detector search coil of me such Garrett AT Gold which is included as standard with this detector.

The DD configuration or double D, offers better depth of detection and performance by reducing significantly the negative effects in highly mineralized soils and the interference CIA in salt water. Rome type tip and tail design unique to Garrett, extending the total area of ras coil Treo offers a better search when faced with obstacles such as walls, fences, etc. It is optimized for a maximum depth of detection being able to find the relics more small and large objects such as coins. Excellent visibility of the ground through the coil. It is built with resin epoxy that is highly resistant. It is a detector raincoat with a nearly neutral buoyancy in the water. Understanding proportional Audio and Garrett AT Gold standard modes:

In a simple way, you will get more information from the object and a recovery more order with multiple objectives. In the standard binary audio, metal detector mode Garrett Gold offers an excellent audio response regardless of the size of a objective. In this mode, the audio can be on or off. For treasure hunters they want to hear the maximum information about the object, the detector also comes with a proportional mode (Pro). The response of standard proportional audio allows users have the ability to listen to small changes in the response of audible of a target. As a result allows the user to analyze better the object, the dimensions and the depth to which is is buried. Audio mode proportional Garrett which is available AT Gold and AT Pro metal detectors It also has the added benefit of get a faster audio response when searching multiple targets near each other.

In this picture you can see the difference between the binary audio and proportional audio. Is they are two cases of objectives in the example. Garrett AT Gold metal detector with binary audio offers a solid and consistent tone for the goal that is both about the surface, as for the goal which is depth. The response of audio pro porcional which offers a full signal for the purpose of the surface and a signal desvanecida to the target with greater depth. With proportional audio response Classic offers you more information. With classic proportional audio mode, you can hear the unique profile or audible response from the target. Try both ways and choose the audible response to mode more like it – customized for your personal preferences.

In this image, two goals side-by-side would produce a strong in a detector signal River. When hunting with proportional audio, a hike and a low in the audio response allows you to interpretar the two different objectives.

About the Garrett Roll Audio Tone function

Audio Tone Roll offers you more audible information objective and help to classify the goals, particularly iron. The normal metal detector with standard binary audio produce one sound of audio based on the stronger signal of the objective. With the audio Tone Roll, you get a variety of tones of the objective to measure Search dish approaches, passes over or moves away from the goal. To hear These variations in the audio you can better analyze its objectives.

For many treasure hunters with the standard binary audio, the bottle caps and the flat steel tabs appear to be good targets. These produce a response gave high tone. This occurs because of the shape of the bottle cap and the flat surface It resembles a coin which deceives the detector. However, with the Audio Tone AT Gold roll the bottle plate will produce a single response with multiple tones. As shown in the illustration above, the bottle plate gives a distinctive tone response low/high/low in comparison with the high-tone coin audio response.

An area full of iron objects can meet good targets and even create signals missed NEAs which at first seem to be good targets. Garrett Gold metal detectors  an eligible property of Iron Audio (Audio of iron), which allows users listen discriminated against iron. This allows you to have maximum information and avoid being deceived and dig up an unwanted object. In addition, the Iron Audio also allows you to adjust the range of tones to include all the greater the discrimination point goals. You can effectively adjust the point between the low-tone, discriminated against and the goals of half-tone. This AC Garrett AT Gold metal detector racteristica works in the modes of audio Garrett standard and proportional.

In this final example, with Iron on Audio function, the objectives below 20 is They a low-tone and half-tone response expands up to 20.

Understanding the discrimination of iron of high resolution (High-Res Iron Discrimination) at Garrett AT Gold.

You can use touch panels of plus (+) and minus (-) to configure accurately the discrimination of iron in one of 40 levels. This allows you to experience a great stability of detecting good targets, even when they are located near objects notseados of iron.

Garrett headphones included

The mode of operation of the Detector of metal Garrett Gold specifications Depth indicator: continuously shows the depth of objects with size currency. The condition of the battery indicator: continuously shows battery life Search modes: three more the electronic signal Select all metals, discrimination between 1 and 2 discrimination Electronic signal.

Specifications techniques of the Metal Detector to search for gold Garrett AT Gold

Dish search PROformance double-D submersible 5 “x 8” (14 x 20 cm) Garrett MasterSound headset (waterproof headphones sold separately) Performance of search deep in mode of all metals to gold prospecting in all-terrain.
Full user manual
Fist of support
4 AA batteries (batteries included)
20 segments of aim ID
40 segments of discrimination of iron
3 search modes
Sensitivity/depth 8 settings
Electronic indicator: Yes
18 kHz frequency
Levels of ID for 3 audio ring tones
Search coil standard DD PROformance 5 “x 8” (14 x 20 cm)
Long (adjustable) 42 “to 51” (1. 06 m – 1.29 m)
Weight total (1.4 kg)
4 AA batteries (batteries included)

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