Garrett AT Gold review and Test

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Garrett AT Gold review and Test

Garrett metal detector Gold AT new world of metal detectors, 2011
from the American producer Gareth. High Frequency,
with Super electoral roll, able to split small goals and offset the impact of the mineralization to a depth of external detection.
Displays the numeric value and the current value of the soil. Large range for ferrous metals. The ability to plunge fully into the water.

Garrett AT Gold review and Test



Garrett metal detectors, stored for easy operation and reliability. It is these qualities in his metal detector manufacturer assembled the amphibian Garrett AT Gold, and put the average price of the detector, that certainly has an interest in a search engine. Overview of Garrett AT Gold’s search,
Plus and shortcomings of the metal detector. Test depth Garrett AT Gold full coil AT 5 × 8 DD, Garrett coil and zoomed AT 8.5 × 11 DD.
Series Garrett AT (metal detector Garrett AT Garrett AT PRO and Gold), for the producer Gareth is practically a new step in the development of their metal detectors. There were innovations that had not previously met in the Garrett metal detectors. Starting with small things (for example, Collet clip on bars), and ending with the global (metal detector, metal detector with soil amphibious the ability to dive under water). And although new to Gareth “chips” were long ago sold by other manufacturers (e.g., the fasteners and Collet output VDI is in the cheapest Fisher F2), metal detectors Gareth quietly compete without them. Ensuring quality, reliability, metal detectors, and most importantly – results in discoveries. And now that the “benefits” of competitors realized new Metal Detectors Gareth, besides Fisher and Minelab will become much more “” in the segment of medium-sized metal detectors. And no matter what comparison among these metal detectors, Garrett will always trump-AT Gold and AT PRO can dive into the water up to 3 meters. Even if not collected to conduct underwater searches, a side effect “of the detector amphibian, high resistance in dusty and damp environments, would be of great assistance in the search.


Garrett AT Gold Features


Garrett metal detector, metal detector Gold AT soil rich in looking at difficult soils. Appointment (metal detector) Garrett AT Gold, coin jewelry, search, search of native gold. Using the Garrett AT Gold coil larger generic search with the widest range of purposes, from Beach searching and searching for the old times, before the SECOND WORLD WAR and the finds of large metal objects. The classic design of the metal detector. Three composite rods, removable and mono block detachable coil. Search  with or without headphones.
Pros Garrett AT Gold. Metal detector Gold at Gareth has a highly private schema (18 kHz), which provides a high result in small Nonferrous (coins, jewelry, etc.). There is a wide graphic discrimination scale (20 segments). A full withdrawal of the VDI (disambiguation). A large range of “iron and steel” (40 units), provides a clear cut on the border of finds of gold. Sensitivity adjustment, ground balance, the threshold of the signal. Editable programs for searching with a metal detector. Three tone audio feedback. Extremely light weight for the metal detector, with such opportunities.
Disadvantages Of Garrett AT Gold. Disadvantages of Gareth AL Gold have two-way nature on the one hand it is a minus, on the other hand is a plus. The biggest drawback is the Gold AT Garrett’s little (in terms of universal search) coil, Garrett AT 5 × 8 DD coil is practically a sniper. Its maximum depth does not show records, even compared with metal detectors is significantly less in price. But it is normal size reels AT Gold, and Garrett gives the super high ability to share goals for maximum sensitivity. The second big disadvantage Garrett AT Gold is a non-standard headphone jack. You can use either headphones Garrett  or through branded adapter (1/4 ″ Garrett Headphone Adapter). This flaw is due to the specificity of the sealing of the detector (Garrett AT Gold can conduct underwater searches up to 3 meters).

Test depth Garrett AT Gold

In a typical configuration, Garrett metal detector Gold AT comes with coil series AT 5 × Garrett DD 8. highly sensitive ellipsoidal coil, with compensation of mineralization (Including the impact of environment humidity on the beach).

Depth test on the coil AT 5 × 8 DD

Scales of Ivan the terrible (tiny silver coin) – 14 inches;
10 kopecks 1923 year Tips (small silver coin) is 17 inches;
15 kopecks of the year 1864, Search (a small silver coin) – 18-19 CM;
50 kopecks 1924 year Tips (average silver coin) is 23 centimeters;
the year 1846 penny 2 (above average, the copper coin) – 26 inches;

Depth test on the coil AT 8.5 × 11 DD

Scales of Ivan the terrible (tiny silver coin) – 15-16 cm;
10 kopecks year 1923  Tips (small silver coin) to 18 centimeters;
15 kopecks of the year 1864, Search (a small silver coin) is 22 centimeters;
50 kopecks year 1924 Tips (average silver coin) – 28 inches;
the year 1846 penny 2 (above average, the copper coin) – 34 inches;
Differences between Gold and Garrett AT Garrett AT PRO
In a review of Garrett AT Gold, you cannot skip a “Cousin” to the series–Garrett AT PRO. The metal detector is also amphibious, released almost simultaneously with the metal detector Garrett AT Gold. At first glance, the same metal detectors, but if compare Garrett AT Garrett AT PRO Gold and lie, important differences between the metal detectors.
The main difference Garrett AT Gold and Garrett AT PRO metal detector Garrett AT Gold has a higher frequency of 18 kHz (frequency Garrett AT PRO-15 kHz), Garrett AT PRO comes with the coil AT 8.5 × 11 DD (larger) and Garrett detector AT Gold and reel AT 5 × 8 DD (less). Also Garrett AT Gold has more advanced options in the search for heavy soil.

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