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Metal Detector Minelab X-Terra 705 carries on board all the necessary functions for search on any terrain and at any level of seniority in the field of treasure hunting. The manufacturer has combined in one device the advantages of the previous models of the line Minelab X-Terra (305 and 505), which have long been loved by many search engines in different countries of the world.

A wide monitor is the first thing that catches your eye on the control unit. All information is displayed in bold and large font. Anti-reflective coating and excellent viewing angle allow you to work in bright and sunny days, and backlight display will add confidence in the dark time of day. Many search engines like to focus on hearing, but it is much more reliable to combine sound and figure! Work with large touch buttons comfortably even in gloves. To quickly remember all keys are marked with intuitive icons. All manipulations are quite convenient to make the thumb of the working hand, not much distracted from the search process.

Minelab X-Terra metal detectors reviews

Minelab X-Terra metal detectors reviews

Manual and automatic construction of the ground

The first thing that each treasure detector does, arriving at the terrain-is rebuilt from the ground, otherwise the effectiveness of the search will be much lower. To carry out the balancing of soil in the model Minelab X-Terra 705 It is possible in manual and in automatic modes. Automatics is irreplaceable where search is carried out in “heavy” conditions (mineralized soil, salts, etc.). Ironically, it is minerals, “hot stones” and other false targets that are the satellites of self-orone gold. Auto-Adjust the ground will eliminate the device’s response to something other than really valuable and ancient artifacts.

No electrical interference

Metal Detector Minelab X-Terra 705 can be considered one of the most “quiet” devices. No “bubbening” from various electrical interference! The search can be conducted both under the transmission line and next to other metal detectors. Praise to the manufacturer that the fast processor, he added a great modern technology vflex, which “suppresses” extraneous sounds, making the process of searching more quality. Quick wiring, precise goal determination and no extraneous sounds or interference – is it not the dream of every treasure hunt? In addition, it is this function that allows you to enhance the performance of the device by supplying it with an additional coil with another, higher operating frequency.

28 elements of discrimination in Minelab X-Terra 705!

Although the vast majority of treasure hunters and love to work with the regime “all metals”, not to mention discrimination in the detector Minelab X-Terra 705 can not. The scale of the Discrat is represented by 28 segments. 4 segments belong to black metal, the rest-24 go to the flower. Navigate or not dig easily enough.

However, you should not forget that working with a discriminator also requires certain skills and experience. Skipping good goals is the norm for a novice search engine. The pledge of qualitative search is high sensitivity and search with disabled discriminator, but it comes with time.

PinPoint mode

The built-in program “PinPoint”, marked on the block as a target, responds to the precise localization of the target. When finding a find, this function will help to pinpoint its location, so as not to waste time and do not damage the valuable artifact shovel.

Geo-mode-collect everything to the last crook!

Plowing scales, small grains of gold, jewelry, small ancient relics and ancient coins-in geo-mode after Minelab X-Terra 705 will not remain anything! Many people believe that this regime is only suitable for the search of self-gold. And in vain! The pre-Petrovsky playgrounds and beaches are cleaned in this mode. The difficulty lies in mastering this function — too hard to listen into the device. Display in GEO mode is useless-only hearing and slow wiring.

Polyphony or one-tone? The choice is yours!

Look at the monitor or listen to the sound-every search engine decides on its own. In the metal detector Minelab X-Terra 705 You can adjust the sound tone for yourself and your preferences. Is it usual to work in one tone? Please: one tone, two, three, four. Do you prefer the variety of sounding to hear all the nuances? Here’s a polyphony! The volume is also adjustable. There is a headphone jack that is irreplaceable in windy weather.

The main advantage of Vflex technology is that the signal is generated not in the control unit, but in the coil! So when changing the coil and the capabilities of the device! Metal Detector Minelab X-Terra 705, thanks to various coils, is able to work on 3 different frequencies:

3 khz to search at maximum depth
7.5 khz universal frequency for most search locations
18.75 khz only small targets for terrain stripping
Ellipse or circle, mono or DD-the device is suitable for a variety of reels, different sizes, so that the search engine had a variative metal detector for different types of search and for different terrain.

Economy and Ergonomics X-Terra 705

The detector has 4 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. The Minelab X-Terra 705 Metal detector is equipped with the internal power adjustment scheme, which does not reduce the detection depth when the battery is gradually discharged. The high-quality work of the metal detector is guaranteed until the batteries are completely discharged.
The device has a familiar and comfortable S-shaped design. The rod is adjustable for any height and is securely fixed in the selected position. The hand fits perfectly in the armrest’s Nest and is fastened with a velcro strap.

Conclusion: Acquiring metal Detector Minelab X-Terra 705, the treasure detector is unlikely in the future will think about changing the device. Advanced functionality, the possibility of individual settings, excellent discrimination and universal search modes-what else can you want from a metal detector? It is absolutely unimportant what is “found” in the ground: ancient coins, ancient relics, gold nuggets or modern “lost”-with the model Minelab X-Terra 705 Each goal will be discovered!

garrett at pro Metal Detector
garrett at pro Metal Detector

Hybrid model for ground and underwater search (working frequency one-15 khz). The device is sealed: the maximum depth of immersion is 3 meters. Increased operating frequency increases the accuracy of detecting small targets. The model is completed with a coil DD 8.5 x 11 inches.

All the necessary information is displayed on the LCD screen. 40 segment discrimination allows to identify the finds on the electrical conductivity of the metal. The three tone signal makes it possible to work by ear. The increased price is compensated by the tightness of the device, the presence of a better quality coil and a higher working frequency.

Metal detectors Garrett Entry level-single-frequency. Therefore, mineralized soil significantly reduces the accuracy of discrimination, sensitivity and depth of detection.

The test of depth of detection: a coin of a flake-up to 25 cm (on condition that it lays flat), a coin-up to 34 cm, a military helmet-up to 80 cm. Large metal objects-at depths of up to 1.8 meters.

Features and features of the model:

Applied for ground and underwater search;
Increased depth of detection of large and small targets
Improved discrimination (ranging from 0 to 99)
Ability to weed out iron debris
High-quality search engine DD coil 8.5 x 11 inches
Ability to determine the depth of the target
Automatic soil balancing.