garrett gtp 1350 metal detector reviews

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garrett gtp 1350 metal detector reviews – Digital Metal Detector , Analysis 24 regions , Analysis sized objects into 3 categories , LCD, touchpad , Electronic Centering target .
This model borrows several elements from the large category (GTI) and is equipped with the new imaging technique the size of the metal target (three categories, Small , Medium , Large) . It is also equipped with the new elliptical ( oval ) disk detection 7 × 10 ” means that the user detects more surface with each movement and greater depth than with traditional round plate .

garrett gtp 1350 metal detector reviews GARRET - GTP 1350

Features – Settings garrett gtp 1350 metal detector:

– Audio Threshold, Adjustable.

Adjustable level noise level operates as a comparative sound .

– Audio Tone ID.

Adjustable function (ON / OFF) automatically differentiates the sound performance of metal detecting depending on its quality.

– Coin Alert, Bell tone.

Adjustable audio modulation (ON / OFF) to very high conductivity metals attributing t ‘ bell ‘. This arrangement facilitates the recognition of these goals only by hearing .

– Digital Signal Processor

Digital Signal Processor . The company always ensures Garrett equip its products with the latest technology for the benefit of the operator. The digital signal processor that controls this model ensures flawless operation of the machine in any kind of terrain with the fewest possible settings on the part of the operator. Therefore, no special knowledge for effective operation of the machine even from a ” rookie “.

– Discrimination: GTA Accept / Reject Notch

– Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA), Target ID Cursor

Full separation by the method of the dots (24 dots ), that the conductivity of the target was detected . This method is quite simple and understandable and tested so it was chosen by the manufacturer to equip all its models , from the smallest to the largest.

Ensure immediate recognition of the quality of the target and easy operation by the operator to choose himself what he wants.

– Frequency, Adjustable

Set the operating frequency . Few models are equipped with such an arrangement. With this setting ” escapes ” from the pilot cases external interference or sets the machine to withstand / inserted from another machine metal detection that works beside him .

– Ground Balance, Automatic Ground Tracking

Equilibrium soil AutoCheck Ground . The new technology used by the manufacturer and do in this area of operation of the machine so simple for everyone that does not require hours of updates and complex arrangements to operate in every kind of terrain .

– Headphone Jack

Headphone . The most essential accessory for metal detecting earphones that bring the operator in direct contact with each sonic diversity and isolate noise from the external environment . Thus the results with the use of headphones increased dramatically . ( The audio is offered by the company BASIL ) .

– Hip Mount Battery Pack

The Battery holder that holds 8 AA batteries is so constructed that can come out from the main trunk and the long spiral cable that is equipped to be anchored by its specific (strong ) hooks to belt chiristi so that the weight of the machine to reduce dramatically .

Garrett GTP 1350 Coin Shooting Review


– Last Mode Switching

A very useful button that exists in this model of GARRETT is what allows the operator to move between two programs without entering the programming and delay detection.

– LCD Backlit, Shows Target ID and Settings

Dusk, Night , Absolute Darkness , none of this will not hinder the detection of either will cause the operator to seek external light source . The screen is backlit ( from behind ) that the brightness to spread throughout the length and breadth of all the settings and features can be easily read.

– Pinpointing, Coin Depth Measurement.

Electronic centering metal target with simultaneous display of depth.

– Profiling (Target Size)

Indication of the size of the object . Three categories ( Small , Medium , Large) .

– Salt Elimination Mode

Function salt rejection . In case of detection in coastal areas there is the possibility of interference from sea salt. With this adjustable (ON / OFF) filter interference disappear .
– Scan Track

Indoor mode ( not regulated ) that controls the method of detection of each metals . Slow or fast or medium speed movement of the disc does not affect detection.

– Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment

Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment . This setting enables the user to fully exploit the depth of the machine according to the soil it detects.

– Surface Mount PC Board Technology

The technology used to manufacture the board is that the adhesion surface that means automatically by robotic mechanisms and not by a human hand in order to reset the error cases in the manufacturing factory .

– Touch pad Controls with One-Touch Operation.

Touchpad with functions that need a push .

– Volume Control.

Adjust speaker volume .

Specifications :
Adjustable Pipe Length 101,6 cm to 129,54 cm A 7,2 KHz operating frequency mode with 8 AA batteries 2 year written guarantee .