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GARRETT metal detectors


ACE 150 Graphic Target ID
with 6.5×9 Inch PROformance Searchcoil
Identifying graph of goal! Depth of coins! Sensitivity settings! 3 Modes of discrimination! Identification of tone! New open coil design!


You will see that the new ACE 150, Garrett is still in advantage competitively with respect to other detectors. This new machine shows each feature and characteristic of the thought that you require a good quality and tasteful metal detector. Easy to use, high performance, without complex settings, making a fun time detection and to get good rewards.


This full model 150 also offers an excellent depth, accurate identification of the objective and correct discrimination of metals! Any other detector will give you this quality as the GARRETT


Let aside its beautiful design and look at its excellent technological features that we introduced in the new ACE 150.caracteristicas such as 3 modes programmed search, 3 levels deep discrimination, 4 sensitivity settings, tone ID, ID chart of aim and interchangeable coil (optional).




Cursor ID chart of objective (8 segments)


Coin depth indicator


Adjustment of sensitivity and depth (4 settings)


ID tone


Speaker sound clear


Plug for headphones


Wide LCD screen


Low battery indicator


Microprocessor controlled


Push buttons controls


Operation automatic “Turn on and go out to look for”.


Length: 42 “by 51” adjustable.


Weight: 2.7 lb (1, 2 kg)


Frequency: 7.2 Khz


Operation: 4 AA batteries


Sensitivity / depth


3 different mode of discrimination patterns








6.5X9 resistant coil Spider “


ACE 250 Graphic Target ID
with 6.5×9 Inch PROformance coil
Who said that a metal detector who possesses the most advanced technology you want we can do?Announcing the all new features ACE 250 metal detector. With 40 years that support engineering and face to the sporty design and outdoors, this machine was created to be used in 21st century treasure hunts. But don’t be fooled, this detector not attracted first by its appearance only! Its design is so new on the outside as inside.


Composed by knob of discrimination of high rank, pinpointin, “Start and exit” technology and graphic target ID, the GARRETT ACE 250 makes the finest metal detector in its class. Also has a cursor identifier’s goal 12 segments, discriminator of great accuracy, coin depth mode, tone ID, 8 sensitivity setting segments, 5 pre-set search modes, and of course the most advanced graphic display LCD for a faster reading and visual target identification.


Ace 250 is the most desired device of its kind on the market. And its harmonious design inspires us to design the ACE series accessories. From suitcases, hats, clothing for hunting, digging tools and visors to earphones, you can be the “ACE” of the treasure hunters that is destined to be.

Garrett GTI 2500 Discrimination
Garrett GTI 2500 Hunting with 8.5×11 DD Coil
Garrett At Pro vs GTI 2500 Depth Test
Garrett GTI 2500 All Metal Mode Operation
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Starting with his holiday metal detector

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Metal detector to find gold and treasure GTI 2500

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Of course you never imagined a detector with this price and offer these grandiose performance. One more reason; You need an ACE 250: hold on tight! Ace 250 will it, in the search for treasures, such as the great adventure of his life!
• Graphic cursor identifier’s goal (12 segments)
• Push-button discrimination: accept / reject
• Adjustment of sensitivity, depth (8 segments)
• Coin depth indicator.
• Headphone input.
• Coils interchangeable Ace series.
• Large LCD Display.


• Microprocessor controlled.
• Push button controls.
• Speaker with sound clear.
• ID tone of objective (3 levels)


•Operacion “start and exit”


Search modes
•All metal
• Jewelry
• Relics
• Coins.




• Length: 42 “to 51” adjustable
• Pesot: 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg)
• Frequency: 7.2 kHz
• Batteries: 4-AA batteries (included)
• 1 Year warranty


• Mode Multi – discrimination, high range.
• Sensitivity/Depth
• Mode, 5 different Discriminacion.distinct Discrimination Patterns patterns
• Pinpoint
• Ace 250 comes with new coil Rhino Tough 6.5×9 “PROformance interchangeable Searchcoil






Main features

* Mode Pro Audio ™: pitch Roll and proportional Audio features Audio ™ allows the user to listen to the characteristics of a lens as they would in a true all-metal mode.
* High resolution iron discrimination ™: use touch panels to establish discrimination of iron in
one of the 40 levels of the precise ability to separate good objectives of scrap.



* Digital target ID: 0-99 objective scale ID offers a greater capacity to distinguish an objective of the conductivity of the other.

* Iron ™ Audio: allows the user to listen to iron discriminated against and to alter to reach the media tone detector signal.
* Quick recovery speed: allows a greater ability to choose well among the objectives and the scrap.
• All terrain versatility: the control box designed to repel dust, moisture or water, the unit can be immersed to a depth of 10 feet. (3metros)
** 15 kHz frequency: improve detection of small targets, gold nuggets, jewelry
* Ground balance: automatic and manual adjustable to improve

* Graphic Target Analyzer ™ (GTA): identifies the target conductivity
* Depth indicator: to determine the depth of the goal
Condition of the battery of indicators: continually shows battery life
(Patterns of discrimination) search modes: 6 + pointing out electronic
* Select custom, zero or coins, in standard mode or the professional mode
* Pinpoint.

Garrett GTAx 550

METAL detectors

The new GTAx 550 is a fantastic detector type “turn on and boot” as the GTAx 500 that replaces, but with the addition of the Bell tone, acute audio response, and new and improved search Crossfire II searchcoil coil.
The GTAx 550 is a prominent and versatile team that meets the needs of the hobby search engines more beginners as also search engines veterans. Love beginners convenience and high performance of the GTAx 500 pre-programmed mode COINS (coins) and the most veteran supporting strong discrimination of the detector and its deep search capabilities.
The GTAx 550 uses an LCD display panel to deliver a large amount of information about the detector as well as the detected target. The portion of the display of identification of the aim and depth measurement is divided into 24 segments, allowing a very accurate identification and readings from depth in increments of ½ inch up to 12 inches. The display also shows the conditions of the battery, mode of operation and the settings of discrimination.

The GTAx 550, despite being a price detector medium, has many features that are only found in more expensive detectors, making it a good choice for the novice as well as the search engines with more experience.
Analyzer chart of objective – it provides depth of coins with conductivity and notch and automatic pinpointing discrimination.

Operation Dos-Modos – modes of dual, fully adjustable, users preseteado for coins and all-metal detection.

MODES: Motion: A: zero discrimination. B: discrimination (Default) coins with objective Visual identification.
WITNESS search: Audio Belltone, finish Mode.
SETTINGS: Limit depth and Audio, discrimination Total range Multi-Notch

Characteristics of the metal detectors
Operation One-Touch• operating system controlled by microprocessor • surface-mounted technology
Graphic target Analyzer LCD
Two fully adjustable operating modes • Preseteado of motion all-Metal factory • discrimination preseteado discrimination • factory 24 Notch lens • OK • Cursor LCD Visual identification / reject • No-mocion automatic Pinpointing • reading depth currency
Ancillary search
Sensitivity / depth adjustable • adjustable • memory limit of last mode • auto ground Balance • Audio Bell tone • Preseteado • silent • automatic • objective response Retuning Search Audio by Audio acute • 8 ½ search coil “Crossfire II • interchangeable search coils, optional design Ramrod Stem Design • with resting arm hip-mounted Battery Pack • • LCD indicator conditions of battery – 4 levels • 8 AA batteries – including membrane • factory Reset • Pads • plug headphones stereo • weight of operation: 3 lb, 4 oz • 1 year warranty

Graphic Target Profiling Expert Series
GARRETT metal detectors
Introducing the RENOVADOdetector GARRET Graphic Target Profiling 1350. The powerful GTP 1350 based on DSP, is packed with many of the same extraordinary characteristics and technology that you find in the elite of the GARRETT GTI series and is the only detector in its price range class to identify the size (small, medium and large) of the lens. With this dynamic nuevay size information, you can use more time digging finding treasures and less time digging and finding trash. GTP 1350 comes standard with the new elliptical coil GARRETT RHINO TOUGH 7 x 10 Inch PROformance, which means that you can search deeper and cover more surface area by swept with the traditional coils. GTP 1350 is the detector of high performance, deeper search and the more advanced detectror of its class. If you are seriously considering the busuqueda of treasures, you need the GTP 1350!
Delivered to a full performance and digital process technology precision metal detector.A coil designed to search for and cover more surface area by swept.Definition of the objective that tells you the size of your goal until you dig. And with a depth of very strong detection which, virtually, there is no place where a goal can hide. Invest in single sensor in its class that gives you more technology for your money and more accurate information about its objective. GTP 1350 is the detector for the search engines today detesoros who want the best for their treasure hunts.