GARRETT revealed minerals and gold ore

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GARRETT revealed minerals and gold ore


Have the device capabilities and GARRETT 150 advanced features do not exist only in costly and expensive devices
Never work and research at a touch of a button: the machine GARRETT owns property and auto identify the nature of the ground, when you run the device key you can immediately start searching
GARRETT revealed minerals and gold ore

Specifications and techniques

GARRETT reveals 150 all metals
GARRETT 150 looking for jewelry
GARRETT 150 custom search
GARRETT 150 search for small coins
The search process can be customized in user ‘ GARRETT 150 and control all settings to adjust the sensitivity and sound and other discrimination·.
GARRETT 150 contains 12 channel or levels to distinguish between minerals and filter references to delete unwanted signals.
Identify key target: press and hold this key to determine the precise location of the target.
Continuous index indicates the depth of the target: appears on LCD screen indicator indicates the depth of the target and is numbered 2, 4, 6, 8 or more.
Lightweight and controllable device length: 150 GARRETT lightweight machine weighs about 1.2 kg stem length can be adjusted from 1.06 meters up 1.29 meters to suit different people.
GARRETT facility 150 illustrative and detailed catalog and detailed way the DVD device.
6.5 kHz frequency
4 AA batteries (batteries with your device when you buy it)
Two years guarantee.

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