General description of the 3d ground scanner and Future I – 160

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General description of the 3d ground scanner and Future I – 160


3d scanner soil and Future I-160 metal detector was developed to locate objects buried in the basement. This professional meter Geophysics has a horizontal probe, which has 16 sensors EAM (Elliptical Area multi-point Sensors) with a resolution of 0.015 uT and a 50 Hz sampling frequency. This unique technology of multiple sensors offers the possibility to analyze the measured data of the basement in a graphical three-dimensional high resolution with the professional software Visualizer 3D.



 the soil 3d ground scanner and Future I-160 metal detector has the possibility of recognizing the different structures of the basement as for example:


electrical conductions
water pipes
well look
gas lines
objects hidden such as metal cans, tanks, boxes
structures of objects like foundations and cellars
Empty tombs, grottoes and tombs and tunnels
The 3d ground scanner soil and Future I-160 metal detector  is a professional detector of Geophysics with a probe of a very high resolution. This metal detector can save its measurement data in the internal memory of the device or send on a computer in real time. In addition, the unit offers a direct mode to view objects buried immediately while walking on the ground.


Thanks to the software Visualizer 3D an exact determination of the buried objects and other anomalies is possible. Detailed images help to find the position and the size and depth of the objects hidden in the basement. Due to a compact probe the device is not only likely in flat terrain, but also in areas of difficult access.


The 3d ground scanner soil and Future I-160 metal detector provides the following functions:


Acoustic magnetometer
The basement high-resolution 3d graphics
Live image with horizontal sensor
Live image with vertical probe
Analysis of graphical measurements to the computer
Determination of the size and depth of objects
Thanks to this system, fully controlled by microprocessor, the correction of the effects of soil is done automatically by the metal detector. A special calibration of the Future I-160 is no longer necessary, because it is already autonomous before each measurement of the soil. It provides more time for the user to prepare on its upcoming measurement.


The software Visualizer 3D calculates the measured data and generates an immediate chart, regardless if the data has been recording in the camera’s internal memory or transfer directly to the computer.