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Frequencies metals

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Proposed machines that help search for minerals: deep max 5/6

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whites metal detectors for sale

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Metal detector reviews

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GMT   manufacturing gold and gold ore mineral metals

From the best factories of manufacturing gold and gold ore mineral metals we offer our customers as the most accurate devices we accustom to them always in the search for gold ore to varying depths (GMT) Gold specialist with modern technology and high frequency to attract small sizes of metal in high depths and developed to suit all types of solid and sandy soil to develop unique quality in the hands of amateur gold detectors comfort in use and ease in dealing with the automatic calibration device Work immediately after changing the nature of the soil to acclimate them and gives accurate results for a user device also features a cancellation of ferrous metals and distinguish them from precious metals
LCD Panel show clear reading device users
Console calibration device
Keys for device calibration
1-key to adjust the sensitivity of the device
2-key to adjust the sound
3. key to cancel iron
4 – key to select quality calibration-manual or automatic
Stick-carrying device suitable for anyone who wishes to download device
CD search
1.5 v batteries interchangeable
English catalog + DVD device driver
US industry body – one year

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