GO-FIND 20 Metal Detector

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The metal detector is made of light and durable plastic, so it weighs only 1 kg! The device sits comfortably and securely in your hand. In folded form at a length of 55.5 cm, placed in a regular backpack or bag. With simple control, even the child will be disassembled.
GO-FIND 20 Metal Detector

Features of Minelab Go-Find 20:

-Modern w/to display and simple operation.
-Tone beep with volume control and connector for standard headphones (Mini Jack-3.5 mm).
-With a waterproof reel of 8 ‘ ‘ diameter you will be able to search in shallow creeks, beaches and river banks.
-Long handle (up to 1.3 m) suitable for any height.
-The power of 4 finger batteries (AA) is convenient because they can always be replaced with spare.
-3 steps of sensitivity adjustment allow you to precisely adjust the device and save you battery.

Minelab Go-Find 20 recognizes and displays 4 types of targets on the screen:

-Iron and black metal
-Foil and other small thin objects
-Gold rings, ornaments
-Coins and large products.

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