Gold detector and effects BR600

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Gold detector and BR600

Gold detector and BR600


Devices in the world to detect hidden valuables in the ground
(Precious metals and caves and stereoisomers) models 2011
(Type metal; size; a) very high accuracy
The device features:
URC/nm device capable of detecting Golden goals whether from natural gold
(Sapphire) or factory as gold statues and old gold coins beneath the surface of the Earth
1000 m
Me around at depths of up to
Meters under the Earth’s surface, this device has two research and reach the target, it selects the target remote sensing and feature guides you to the mid-point limits you not only the target, but the target point accurately to then process the bathymetric and distance from gold trove vertically perfectly without any deviations to the left or right
Properties and components of the device:
This device contains the following elements detected programs
* Gold
* Silver
* Bronze
* Copper
* Iron
* Diamond
* Emerald
* Lead
* Aluminium
* Water
* Cavity cave
Device lists are also available in
English, French, German, Arabic
Techniques within the device:
Screen display
For results
American minute handlers
Touch-control screen
Identify and measure the depth of the target
Seismic detector micro frequency 400 MHz allows you to get accurate results.
Measuring depth of goals gives a big advantage to this device than with other systems.
As possible within a very short time cleared a large area to detect gold, bronze, silver and other burials as well as diamonds and gems such as emeralds and underground caves, know of any water.
Touch control panel and convenient process.
Rechargeable battery with primary battery
If you finish the first battery charged battery can be inserted to continue working.
Battery: type
The power of 5 volt alkaline.
Rechargeable battery strongly 9.6 Volt
Charger with charging indicator
Is molecular frequency detector
With two antennas receive to clear the surrounding land in case of electric fields and two antennas connected to the master device.
Alghazothadid opens gold detection software, and antennas Monday parallel and balanced condition so that free movement while maintaining the machine height up to 3 meters. If you’re among a group of signs and indications that point to the presence of gold within a closed goal. We walk towards the buried target, while the signal line indicates the opposite direction in the case out of the target area, then turn in the direction indicated by the signal line, where matching full and equal
For antennas when accessing the target area.
This device contains filters to target validation and select target type burials, as well as for packaging methods handlers around the target using a set of filters. In this way you reduce the error rate. is here (wooden box airtight; saved materials insulating materials example; asphalt; plastic.
Tech metal filters fitted with the device is also able to avoid any errors when scanning areas and vast lands.
Very important note: this device can detect underground water of depths up to 200 meters below the Earth’s surface to low soil resistance provided by groundwater allowing penetration depths up to 200 meters with possibility of setting depth.BR600

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