Detector gold Deepmax X 5

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Detector gold Deepmax X 5

Lorenz Deepmax

Deepmax X 5 is the newest, developed with the technology of pulse induction (PI).
It is one of the stable of its kind and sensitive detectors. Deepmax X 5 is the result of many years of research and development.
And it has put much effort to create this new product and in particular improving the classification of metals and automatic ground balance.
The induction of pulses is especially suitable to search for depth.
The performance of this electronic equipment is hardly unaffected by salt water, mineralized soil or temperature changes.
Account with electronic circuits especially designed to override signals from noise and interference, which operate in Peru gold detectors know that the diversity of soils that exist, this feature is very beneficial.
Deepmax X 5 is therefore extremely reliable for locating metal objects at a great depth even in the worst environmental conditions, by one of the detectors of gold, silver and other precious metals is more promising.
The Deepmax is capable of detecting non-ferrous metal objects (gold, silver, etc.) generally speaking, but they also have a system ID identification (from 0 to 99) allowing the user to know approximately the type of object that was detected. Deepmax X 5 gives you a visual indication on the LCD for each type of metal that is found.
Which operate some detector gold in Peru you will notice the difference that exists with Deepmax X 5.
Deepmax X 5 is very stable in difficult terrain (with ‘hot’ rocks, sand or black with high mineralization) thanks to your DD coil of 35 cm.
The Deepmax handling is very simple, in addition to all necessary data are on your screen, it also has very few controls. At the same time, the Deepmax X 5 offers new features that do not have others, even of pulse induction.
Main features.
Electronic unit.
Telescopic mast.
Coil DD round 35 cm.
Coil weft of 1 m x 1 m.
Stereo headphones.
Carrying case for LORENZ DEEPMAX X 5.
Harness for carrying the electronic unit and the battery.
USB input for firmware updates and data handling.
Rechargeable lithium battery with charger.

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