When gold was discovered ?

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When gold was discovered ? – It is believed that gold was first metal known to man.how was gold discovered?

One reason for this is that the nature of the gold is in pure form – without admixtures of other metals or rocks. Light yellow color and luster of gold attracted probably account of ancient man. Precisely because it is unknown what happened long before the chronicles.

Some of the earliest records of gold associated with the treasures of European kings . These records more than 5500 years . The next mention of gold associated with the ancient Assyrians , who in 2470 BC, conquered neighboring countries and exported stolen gold .

Greek and Roman kings also loved gold . They mined for gold as they could, exporting stolen gold from the conquered countries and using slave labor in the mines .

where can i go gold mining

where can i go gold mining

In the Middle Ages people are so keen to have gold that even tried to find a way of turning other metals into gold. They were mixed and melted many different metals, but could not find such a method.

Later, Spain has sent many in search of gold to be explored in all corners of the earth .

Detection of gold where whatever has always been a large influx of people to this place. In California, gold was discovered in 1848, in 1849 there began the so -called ” Gold Rush .” The same thing happened with the discovery of gold in Australia in 1851 , in South Africa in 1886 , Alaska in 1896.