What is gold leaf

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What is gold leaf

Gold leaf is extremely thin sheets of gold with a thickness of only a few tenths of a micron. The thickness of the gold plates is different – from 0.1 to 0.7 microns. The name ” gold leaf” comes from the ancient Slavic word ” tinsel ” – a person or face . Leaf gilding – sticking to the surface of the product leaves gold.

That gold has a very high ductility, people have noticed a long time ago . Art Gilding sheet originated about 4.5 thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. To demonstrate its power on one side and gold on the other savings , various cult objects and structures pharaohs of ancient Egypt were covered with gold foil . For example , wooden stretcher massive Pharaoh looked as if made ​​of pure gold , in fact, such an illusion created stretcher coating a thin layer of gold.

What is gold leaf

What is gold leaf

Nowadays, the use of the finest sheets of gold in the architecture , not only ecclesiastical orientation, has become a tradition . Gold coating of the facade of the building and interior decor items , was a sign of good taste and high income. Today magic glitter gold leaf attracts attention of a growing number of people , gifted visionary designer .

Colors of gold leaf may be different. Gold gives a reddish hue adding copper. Fusion of silver and gold in different proportions , creates white, yellow or greenish .

Gold leaf in the form of ” little books ” you can buy some jewelry stores as well as shops for artists and designers . Thin sheets of gold, in such books stacked between tissue paper, in a quantity of 60 pieces. They have different dimensions: 12 × 7 cm, 9×9 cm , 8×8 cm , etc.

Golden fingers touch the sheets can not , they may tear. To work with gold leaf takes some skill and special tools . It should be noted that the higher the gold content , the less sensitive is gilding to weather and climatic conditions.

To reduce the cost of manufacturing gold leaf has long been used : double – gold, silver imposed on basis  gold copper overlay .

Since the high-grade gold leaf is not everyone can afford , there are cheaper alternatives .

Simulator gold , often based on copper, but is sometimes used silver alloy with aluminum.
Tin disulfide (SnS2) – a kind of golden scales , a material used in the gilded woodwork, plaster and mosaic tiles .