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Gold mining investments

Ancient Egyptians possessed the ability to discovery, extraction and industrialization


Caught unawares by the puzzling when we try to understand what the ancient Egyptians possessed the knowledge of the geology of Egypt and discover mineral sites, then the ability to extract its natural, science technology knowledge mining and metals to produce pure gold and the manufacture of alloys with silver or copper.
Either gold record was accompanied by production start date registration process in the old Kingdom, six families from 3100 b.c. to 2181 b.c.
The mining industry has flourished and evolved with increasing discoveries in subsequent ages with the number of gold mining sites to 120 locations throughout the eastern desert, stretched from Aswan to Nubia and covered the entire eastern desert South of Al Sufouh,


Limited to names and geographic locations, and total production of gold during the 18th dynasties of the 19th and extracted to denklh and Abu Hamad.


The world’s oldest mining map
Experience Papyrus map mine saved the potteries Museum of Turin on the evolution of the gold mining industry and good planning of bkhen industrial complex. This is a brilliant historical Papyrus written in Egyptian alhiratiket world’s oldest map dating to 1300 b.c., the era of “first city”.


The secret gold lies in its


Custom gold since the precious metal as the blood of a group of rare precious metals and resistance to change or loss factors and features a breathtaking beautiful lustre and color of atomic number (79) and atomic weight (196, 9) and exists in nature in the form of granules free or separate or mixed with silver or other metals and carat as a unit used to measure the purity of gold jewellery and jewellery market bullet varies usually between (10-24 CT) depending on varying proportions added to metallic copper, silver and gold is pure pure karat (24 carats). Used ounce and widely known as the ounce (31.1 gram) waltola LUs (113 grams) as units of weight  gold ornaments.
Scientists dub it, retractable, for the possibility of withdrawing it in the form of thin wires for easy methods, and turning for thin plates. It can be formed in any body wanted. One ounce can be withdrawn in the form of wire length 5 miles or roads in the form of a thin plate so covering an area of 100 square feet and after composition, it retains its luster, its ability to resist rust and other chemical changes caused by air. Weiatbralzehb of the most populous, elements that the heaviest iron in two and a half times and two bullets. The square feet of gold weighs about 1,200 pounds.


Use gold since antiquity in the manufacture of ornaments and jewels in monetization as cover for banknotes in modern and distinguishes the unique physical characteristics of gold over other metals it has expanded recently to include use of the electronic and electrical industries: communications and transportation equipment such as aircraft engines and spacecraft for example paint most of us air force aircraft and one President in particular with a protective layer of gold using a laser mirror hypersensitive to mislead heat missiles directed that attempt to bring down the plane.


How to be a gold


Research suggests that gold may deposition of gases and liquids from below the Earth’s surface. These gases and liquids rose towards the surface through cracks in the Earth’s crust. There is gold in the rocks of the crust. And there is often mixed with other metals such as copper, lead, zinc and silver


Gold exists in nature in environments that vary according to the configuration of the most important factors:


Veins of quartz from hydrothermal solutions in metamorphic volcanic rocks cracks or sedimentary metamorphic pre Cambrian era


Turning domains and often reside in places affected by geological structures such as alfwalk folds and particular areas of intersections were some of those ranges on the so-called algosan.


How to gold mining


Gold mining methods vary according to the type of sediment. Gold is obtained in two steps are necessary: 1. get raw 2-separate gold from ore. In most excavations in alluvial sediments are processes in sediment sites. In the case of underground exploration is prospecting raw, then transferred to mills, separates and concentrates there.


Open mining


Used to obtain precious metals from raw blocks mega thick near the Earth’s surface. Workers must lift cap rock first, a layer of rocks and other materials covering deposit; then use explosives to cracking huge blocks of solid rock-bearing ore. Extract the workers deposit in a series of horizontal layers called terracing. And with chopping the terraces consists by ongoing aspects of the pit is heading up. And movement of trucks or trains raw up the terraces and outside hole.
Underground mining

Using underground mining methods when the mineral deposit is located deep underground. The miners first incision (drilled) hole in the mine, called aperture vertical wells, almost horizontal corridor, which is dug in the hillside or slope is called the vestibule, which is known in the case of coal mining on behalf of slope. And dig mines workers of these corridors network of horizontal passages called operation levels. There are multiple methods available to transfer raw.

Ways with the e etc or

After getting gold ores by drilling and blasting are raw edits by grinding and screening followed by treatment and most importantly float process raw concentration to separate metal during the last 15 years there have been positive developments in gold ore processing methods with low concentration of retrieving gold metal the most important method is to spray raw processing cyanide solution which bazebh metallic gold and silver then passes the resulting solution active carbon granules inside the pylons for the deposition of gold and silver and by the mixture of Soda and cyanide solution ‘ can again until you have learned the electric polarization can be separated gold from silver by melting the road featuring low cost.

World Gold production

But g World Gold production in (2003) more (2,500 tons) and the State of South Africa first producing country in the world with production for the same year (3%) Of world production, followed by Australia (10.6%) Then United States rate (10.2%) And China (7.9%) And federal Russia (6.9%) And Peru (6.6%) And Canada (5.4%) Saudi Arabia has produced in the same year (8,770 kg

The future of gold production in Egypt

View llartev prepared the month marked by global markets gold price index adjustments in alftrhalmadet in akhraamine in addition to encourage increased investments in the mining sector, the Egyptian public authority for mineral alkdimhalmnchrh assessing gold sites in the Egyptian deserts, according to recent trends in theories of its presence and progress in technology and operations use sincerity gone as a result of this malwarebytes Declaration on increased global body for nine regions of the eastern desert gold.

There are already three companies working on their two gold altenvib almost produced the first ingot of gold, two pharaonic area diabetes Inc. Hamash Hamash region third company Inc. is the Gippsland region works alastralayh Allaqi near Aswan and is in the process of exploration.

Promising areas come in both the Sinai and the Western desert

The UM Zreik, South Sinai of promising areas eligible for subtraction as bidding for search and exploitation of raw gold and accompanying elements of lead, zinc, silver, copper and walmolbednim exist in the ancillary antakat heterogeneity and veins of quartz wegosan. Research has shown that by the General Authority for mineral resources (mining-exploration geophysics – exploratory drilling) on the presence of these elements with the large amount of perverts displayed for auction.

As South Western Sahara mining exploration led to the discovery of gold metal in three different environments as a companion to the iron component alshraeti of almagntit gold and quartz accompanied iron component alshraeti of almagntit and quartz and gold resides with the copper and polymetallic sulphides in quartz rocks nice third type exists in quartz veins and surrounding change ranges.

Prospects and future indicators

There are positive signs for the future of mining, especially gold, as altnali:

Attracting foreign investment

Attracting foreign investment in mineral resources prospecting and exploitation and private gold has to be stressed that it is not just attract money but toward the comprehensive attention to bring in funds and technology and modern management expertise and outstanding talents, and attracting foreign investment to take co-financing and cooperation for the development of mining services business.

Mining hot spots

Of natural thing that mining activity will develop a so-called mining towns that these companies will supply the required employment webadwat accommodation, fuel and other necessities that the social recovery of the positive impact which helps State development plans

Recovery mining services companies

There are many attractive opportunities for investment in mining projects such as the establishment of companies focus Egyptian crude to raise its quality to meet the needs of local industry and export the surplus of these ores, mining services companies include research and drilling equipment rental and technical consultancy and extract minerals from mines and quarries and employment.

Foreign mining companies to enter Egypt and Egyptian mining institutions to the world

Useful in mining firms mining system foreign to Egypt and Egyptian mining institutions to exit the global market so that the acquisition of expertise and resources in all countries is completed each other and is equipped with great significance for common prosperity and healthy development of world mineral resources survey and development.

Gold turns into a «crisis» resist tremors
Gold recently turned into a commodity «investment» crises, was traditionally used to balance savings and some other investment purposes has become an important investment channels used by investment funds when the major currencies or commodity prices to violent shocks such as those which occurred over the past few months. It emerged clearly during the period which saw the US dollar swings clear, prompting investors to scramble to buy larger quantities of gold, which led to higher prices.
Gold coin stateless language understood by all
The significance of gold in that product only capable of experiencing crises and withstand strong or increasing value in times of crisis and wars than can do stocks, bonds and currencies also, many currencies and companies crumble and undermine its value in case of increasing global problem of political fear or natural
Enhance the share of gold in financial reserves precaution against exchange-rate risks
Analysts believe that pressure on prices of the yellow metal could increase dramatically under the central banks of the major economies to enhance the share of gold in its reserves financial precaution against exchange-rate risks but did not rule out the possibility that the price jumps caused huge purchases and muffled by some of these banks.
The need for clear and specific standards for gold mining
The biggest challenge is the need for clear and specific standards for gold mining as environmentally and socially acceptable.