Gold Nugget hunting

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Gold Nugget hunting

All the rules of Placer and desert geology applied to Gold Nugget hunting, and this knowledge should be used to create, where deposits of gold and nuggets are likely to be found.

Special attention should be given to places that have little or no direction or other material present, so the detector coil can look as close as possible to the base or false root segments. In addition, the naked tree roots at the edges there are streams, rivers and dry washes were successful, especially along small tributaries in the hills of the famous Gold country.

Some of the most productive areas for electronic intelligence in arid regions are in the immediate vicinity of the old dry cleaning operations. The old-timers were only able to do dry washing work in those areas, high grade. They rarely recovers completely of high-grade gold from the area because they do not have the means or equipment for promising vast territories. You have a significant advantage with search-modern gold detector. Natural erosion over the years, most likely, found more appreciated in close proximity, or other places are concentrated in new gold deposits of high quality.

When prospecting old develop dry sinks, it is always worth a little time to grab back some of the old tailings piles and scan the detector. Dry sinks, today and during the past almost always used classification screen power area. The screen was widely about a half-inch mesh. Spade work on the screen in production speed in a dry full gravel may have missed large nuggets, as they descended from the top of the screen. Sometimes, when working layer of Caliche, if material was not broken until well enough, it would roll off the screen, the nuggets still attached. Metal detector reads strongly on these types of goals. Make sure that the balance of the tailings pile. One good thing about exploration in these tailings piles is that they tend to be filled with the objectives of the iron garbage.

Another important point is the slab coil sweeps. Area covered by the search box under your coil is similar to a triangle. Directly below the coil, the search area is about the same size as the diameter of your coil. Search scope narrows as it penetrates into the soil farther from the coil.

However, the size of the triangular field under constant search coil. This changes as change salinity conditions in the ground under your search coil. If you do not overlap the search hits, you can leave as much as 50 percent or more from the square below search coil posteriorly, without adequately searched.