Gold recovery at home

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Gold recovery at home

If the conversation suddenly it comes to gold mining in the home , the association is quite clear: the alchemy and other questionable practices. Nevertheless, the technology for obtaining gold in the home or other precious metals are actually more than a real and based on simple processes. They overpowered even the pupil of the senior classes . But first things first .

Material from which you can get costly items are electrical circuits , contacts , clock cases and similar technical garbage. Useless it seems only for the uninitiated. Experts in the abundance of buying such products for next to nothing .

To select the desired element of gold- product should be placed in a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids . Their volumetric ratio of 1 part to 3 parts , provided a sufficiently high concentration of the selected reactant . To expedite the process tank warm up to 60-70 degrees, and keep the windows in the room open. Do not forget also about protecting the hands and eyes.

Materials should be placed in acid in small portions at a few grams . And just waiting for the complete dissolution of the previous portion , put it in the following solution . Recycling 1 gram gold alloys will require about 3 grams of caustic mixture.
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By reaching these proportions begin the process of evaporation of the solution . Of course, here we are not talking about boiling. The operation should occur gradually at moderate temperature to reduce the amount of 2-3. After this mixture add a little fresh hydrochloric acid to the disappearance of brown sludge . Then fill up table salt , which requires about 1 gram per 50 grams of the resulting liquid .

Evaporation does not stop for a minute and achieve a substantially dry state with a small amount of sediment moisture. Adding boiling water and again evaporated. More hydrochloric acid – and evaporated again .

0.5% solution of hydrochloric (1 g per 200 g of the mixture ) will finally precipitate gold. The resulting material must withstand 3-5 hours , occasionally shaking . That’s the whole technology of producing gold at home. The resulting precipitate is the desired metal. At least it should be if the technology was getting followed, and the product did contain Aurum . Metal cleaned, washed and, if possible , fused into an ingot. And you say, alchemy .

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