Gold stabilized after falling

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Gold stabilized after falling – Stabilized the price of gold on Thursday after falling for two days , but the rise of the stock and the growing optimism global economic growth, weaker attractive precious metal as an alternative investment .

The International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday he expected the accelerated pace of global growth this year, but deflation is a growing danger as long as economic growth without the ideal levels as defined by the officials of the monetary policy .

Analysts said gold – which is also considered a hedge against inflation – may record fall further after that squandered a gain of 3 percent this year .

The gold has risen in the beginning of the year thanks to strong demand in China and a weak report on the U.S. job growth has raised speculation that slowing down the pace of the withdrawal of monetary stimulus in the United States .

Gold stabilized after falling Why Gold is an attractive target investors Reasons for the fall in October gold below $ 1300



And settled Spot gold at 1241.66 dollars per ounce in late trading on the New York market . The yellow metal hit its highest level in a month at 1255.00 dollars on Tuesday .
The futures rose U.S. $ 3.40 for gold to 1241.70 dollars an ounce .

Among other precious metals silver fell 0.5 percent to 20.05 dollars an ounce , while platinum settled at 1425.00 dollars an ounce and palladium at 740.75 dollars an ounce .

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