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Yellow metal shining as blocks can reflect light either his plates tortillas, green or blue look. Either gold section finely subtle-like other metal powder-black features while other types of gold color ranges between Sapphire and purple.
Gold comes in the transitional Group No. (11) of the periodic table, the atomic number (79), and the atomic weight (196.967), and a weight of qualitative (19.3). And gold melts at a temperature of (1063) ° c, and boils in (2500). Gold good conductor of heat and electricity, and no more in that capacity only silver and copper.

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Gold properties


The pure gold of more types of metals, withdrawal, where can blow or his ways even density up to (0.000013) cm. You can also set up a golden wire length (100) how the amount of (29) g. And one of the most gold metals with fine texture with a hardness of 2.5 to 3 hardness scale.
Noble metals, gold is not affected by air or heat or moisture. It is insoluble in concentrated mineral acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric, but Royal dissolves in water, which is a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acid pH of the centres where free chlorine talk generated it dissolve gold. There are other acids in gold such as altelmrik acid and hot iron chloride solution and others.


The history of gold metal


Gold was prevalent in many parts of the globe, in addition to its free nature, and hyperbole and price money in various countries of the world now know more knowledge of other metals. The natural qualities have made him famous, more common metal mentioned in books and many prospectors and loggers. In the fourth century Hijri/Gregorian, where 10 Islamic civilization peaked deficiency Caliphs are decorated with various types of gems and minerals that brought from various parts of the sprawling Islamic State, like many chemists to refine the metal. The Peronist said in his book algmahr know gems gold purification methods and is not much different from the methods used today. It mentions in the Peronist gold mining and filter: “that some of the gold has become pure as fire either melting or distortion named good cooking, the chosen called cat because it captures a metal called zakaah due and focus if the metal pieces either silver or gold metal, and perhaps not without a shop, she save from him so dreadfully alabris filter for abstract, proves on weight.”
Peronist comes explain gold purification when mixed with soil or in large stones, and describes how they are used to extract the gold, like dirt and stone an accurate description is not much different than it is now. It says: “perhaps the gold United stone like a foundry with the required accuracy, the mills crush him however, the accuracy of balmshagn most desirable and in perfect even aggravated Hamra said, he believed surprising wondrous, walmshagn stone tight columns installed on Passport running water for accuracy, as in Samarkand in Dak cannabis in alkwaghd, if endaq the essence of gold crushed, SIL from his stones and all the Gold Mercury, then the age of the piece skin until mercury from the pole, and fly the remains of it The fire, called gold Mercurial wemzbka gold at the very end behind conclude, also got me a few times, distortion does not affect a significant impact test is hardly in question, and almost never out of its stalemate Koura, takes the rigid inflatable down, most probably in gold soft almschfr it. “
Peronist addresses to the old method used by Indians in catching gold by mercury, and explains this way a precise explanation of the conciliator, says: “water bond Elmar on weihnd Reed alkandahar when India in Gold River, and some even do not praise his water for this reason called principles causes MOH, and then taking the rally called for his clearness Karsh any black, and the competitive intensity of the depth, and if to align post fetish Schimmel in Kashmir marked the spot on the Powell called a water bond. In which havirat digging places its resources, and in water and is it imlounha of mercury turns up the year and performed the zaebkha gold. This is because the water in its sharp run carries sand with gold, as mosquito wings paper and smaller, and in mercury passes by, attached gold leaves that sand goes. ” Then gold finds of mercury the way mentioned by biruni.


Recently gold purification


The purification of the newly separated gold dust and silt and other impurities by strong water currents remove Sandy walgharinet minutes, and keep minutes of gold in place due to the high density of gold and mercury was used to melt gold without sand and silt. Then gold finds of mercury distillation. Gold also draw an offer when copper mining silver. Chemical methods to extract gold which tightens as the cyanide method, or melt the silver alloys in sulfuric acid, and the purification of gold in nitric acid, and electrolysis.

Uses of gold

I knew gold and figured its value since time immemorial as a metal composition makes it easier than any other metal. In addition to easy access to gold in pure form. The splendor and beauty of gold and its resistance to corrosion have made it of metal in various arts and crafts since ancient times.
Given the relatively sparse use of gold as currency and basis for international financial transactions. The unit used in the weight of gold is alaonsh equivalent to 31.1 grams. One of the most important uses of gold now he uses as a reserve currency. For several centuries, gold and silver are used directly as the two currencies. During the 19th century, played a new role with gold the only basis for the currencies of most countries in the world where securities can be converted into gold. Since the 1970s, the gold is sold and bought on the market with prices fluctuating greatly, and the relationship between gold and currency reserve indirect.
It has become an increasing demand on gold in the manufacturing processes. Because gold is a good conductor of electricity and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, it is of great importance in the manufacture of electrical circuits. If azeibt small amounts of gold and placed in plastic or glass panes, it prevents the passage of infrared and serve as an effective heat shield. Because gold is stable, it is used in machines that operate in atmospheric lead to rust, and paints the surfaces prone to rust or corrosion by liquids or vapors.
Gold also is also used in the form of chips in the paint with gold and gold writing. Gold derivative used in red glass coloring. Potassium cyanide is used for genitive gold in gold plating process which is electrically.
As well as gold used in medicine for its proven compatibility with the organs of the body. It is used in dentistry, and the packaging of medicines. Also uses radioisotopes of gold in biological research and in the treatment of cancer.
It uses the largest amount of gold product in currency and jewelry. To meet these purposes, mixed gold other minerals to hardness required. Gold expressed in this mixture with a carat. It has gold used in jewelry industry on copper and silver, while white gold to zinc and platinum metals.

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