Golden Mask 4 metal detector

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Golden Mask 4 metal detector


This unique detector. The main difference from Golden Mask 3 in search frequency. Golden Mask 4 clocked at 18 kHz. High frequency analog signal processing and fully allow this model to easily locate even the smallest coins, coin jewelry and on edge. This detector is designed specifically for those who are not chasing large CLADES or war trophies, and focuses on finding the small gold and silver coins and jewelry, including gold chains.

Golden Mask 4 metal detector


Golden Mask 4 advantages:


Instant feedback from target (see the video test in field tests of metal detectors)
Best sensitivity for the smallest target even gold ornaments weighing up to 0, 5 g. The ability to see the big gold chains or small chain ring hook onto the Castle.
Big reel 10.5 inches, executed on technology, Doubled gives higher surface area scan and do a better job on difficult terrain. Coil not hollow, as it is doing now for cost savings, and completely filled with resin, making her virtually immortal.
The coils can be installed more or less diameter 7 “, 8”, 10 “, 8 * 10 * 12 * 12”, 15 “DD.
A constant threshold tone produces a better sensitivity to extreme depths.
Automatic ground balance makes quick work of the detector and allows you to work comfortably in the territories and in the complex of garbage. Checked:
detector works more stable rest in salt water! Detector chooses the most optimal settings the sensitivity and value of ground balance and constantly monitors the changing ground conditions for automatic tuning.
10 batteries with capacity 1000 mAh NiMh charger. In addition, in the field, you can replace the batteries in normal batteries type AA.
Unique charger with function recovery of damaged batteries included. To charge the battery completely discharged must be 5-6 hours. The adapter has a built-in timer auto shut-off via 6:0 and auto-off function when battery is fully charged. Charger Golden Mask can be applied for charging batteries of other brands of metal detectors.
The ability to see the coins, even next to the large iron objects.
Golden Mask 4 has 2 options: 1 Sound tuning 2 tone or tone. Moreover, the tone can be changed by adjusting the for the greatest comfort.
The ability to accurately determine the size of an object due to an instantaneous response, signal length and wire coil.
Volume control allows you to work comfortably under various conditions, whether animated or highway reticent search in the attic at home.
Differences of Golden Mask 1+Golden Mask 4


The manual setting is possible Golden Mask 4 ground balance. In Golden Mask 1 only the automatic balance.
Golden Mask 4 has more features, so it weighs a bit more.
In Golden Mask 4 can work in mode 2 audio tones.
Golden Mask 4  change frequency auditona for operator’s convenience.
In Golden Mask 1 + no threshold tone customization features that significantly affect the depth of the search.
 differences of Golden Mask 3 + turbo and  Golden Mask 4 


Golden Mask 3 + turbo weighs a bit more due to the presence of Turbo card.
GM4 ‘s change frequency auditona for operator’s convenience.
GM4 clocked at 18 kHz, and GM2 GM3, and GM3 + working at a frequency of 6-8 kHz.
There is no function in Golden Mask 4 control gain (sens). This function completely took the Power level regulator, combining the functions of sensitivity .

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