Golden Treasure detector Distance Bionic 01 OKM Germany

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Long range gold detectors Bionic OKM German-designed to detect hidden gold treasure buried or gold artifacts from a distance. While the usual metal detectors to go detectors pass metal objects buried under the soil, and the detector can receive signal from Bionic gold and silver from very far distances both 100 m.

So the main purpose of the long range gold detectors is discovered gold in large areas. It can also detect silver, brass or bronze when the metal is buried for many years.

Golden Treasure detector Distance Bionic 01 OKM Germany

Golden Treasure detector Distance Bionic 01 OKM Germany

The machine can find both the goals of natural gold nuggets or gold veins as well but the Golden trove of artifacts such as jewelery, ornaments, statues of gold or silver, gold or gold silver rings, coins … The long range gold detectors are also used to study the gold nuggets in the river and coastal regions or locate gold success in the mountains, in the forest, and desert.

The line’s Gold detector Series Bionic does not only work in a dry area that it is also very suitable for the wet sandy soil in place, and can be used after the rainy days without any restrictions.

The detection range of gold are the best results in the sparsely populated area. Because Bionic detectors are sensitive to the changes of ion fields and bionic, significantly increased accuracy in the area not to be shuffled, or the impact of the building.

The machines Series Bionic or be used for a general examination of the vast terrain first when the search engines do not have any clues to any goal. From which gold can easily get an overview of large areas.

But the Series Bionic cannot determine the depth and size of things buried after finding the target. Next you have to use the line of other 3D scanning metal detectors to scan the ground and produce clear images.

Bionic series supports two different detection methods to locate hidden treasures:

Ion detection method: measurement of ion radiation (ionic hydrophilic) of gold buried metal scattering out of the air. This detection method used to locate buried artifacts in a long time.
Method of detecting Bionic (bioenergy): in this method the Bionic interact with biological energy of the body, from which the user analyze the changes to a minimum of physical objects. Thus the gold detector Bionic can locate almost all objects with gold. Regardless of the age of gold, Bio energy system can be used to find fresh gold buried gold, buried in a long time as well as the gold artifacts were not buried.
Bionic series includes two different product lines depending on the specific needs of users: Bionic 01 and Bionic X 4


Operating temperature 0° C to 70° C
Storage temperature-20° C-60° C
Humidity 5%-75%
Dimensions (H x W x D) 400 x 130 x 100 mm
Weight approximately 1.5 kg
Voltage 9 VDC
Motorola processor, 32 MHz
Indicator on the LCD screen

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