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The latest in the world of device detection and gold mining and minerals and treasures in the Earth Golden Gate device
NOKTA ENGINEERING new generation world and developer of production company
This device is designed on the latest systems and sophisticated scientific techniques and holds many certifications and global engineering privileges can detect all kinds of metal and give a fact hidden in goal and a hologram and with options distinguish between metals and non-value value and locate goals and saved by using GPS satellite
A comprehensive device that combines precision and professionalism that one and with many programs and systems, including:
1. GPS satellite
2. for ease of use with ten international languages including Arabic language
Digital computer operating system
gold engate meta detector
And 32-bit memory for high speed processing and avoid any slower hardware device has 216 MHZ with digital software quickly in the world of hardware and superior from other operating systems to LINUX equipped throughput the device operating system data
Calibration of soil
SQL device calibration automatic and manual property for all types of soil, through which a device can identify the nature of the soil formation so it can get rid of all abnormal signals that result from some types of mineral soil with high salinity
Discrimination and segregation
Featuring Golden Gate system isolation and discrimination between metal value and change the value to outperform all stages of existing devices and you can control this option manually and automatic and easily can identify the type of metal you want to find and avoid references other metals to provide easier and faster detection of targets
GPS satellite
Golden Gate device GPS equipped with global positioning system
You can specify the coordinates of places where satellite search and saved in the device memory. You can get complete information and detailed nature of GOOGLE MAPS, YAHOO MAPS for geographical location once you enter coordinates in one electronic navigation applications and Internet applications such as
So it can be called the coordinates of places and areas where objectives tracking
The device contains five regulations to advance research on general objectives, caliber system public research system and deep search and search system in mineral soil and search beaches and land high salinity as new systems can be customized as desired by the user
Main unit search screen contains
Device carrying case
Belts carrying device
Home charger
Car charger
Main disk
Katlogat in English
DVD disc tutorial

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