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gpr x3 ultra

gprx301-GPR X3 ULTRA detectors for gold






This device by the possibilities of powerful beyond imagination, development and spoke of this device significantly marked to become the best way to find out what you can be the rest of the other devices is specialized in the discovery of gold and all kinds of treasures and funerals precious as the effects and all kinds of antiquity and stones inlaid gold and diamonds and decorated jugs and bottles and hidden storage, seals, and the tools property and rare coins and ornaments such as mosaics, and reveals the Mummy and statues of all kinds by the technology that took place in our body that made him a legend world talks about marketing in the United States and Germany over the past two years, and after the development has become a device is classified first in the unique discovery few things in the depths of the Earth.
Idea of the device
The device works by the modern world of innovation science is the investigation into the geological system of the new, where the device works quickly and ultimate Tech in the discovery of the range of goals in front of me a time important and REAL quickly which gives the speed device and the extra power granted to discover all the treasures with absolute precision and superior performance.
The device is equipped with a new technique that have integrated smart chip determinants sensitivity of purification and signals of function to the device of unwanted impurities.
A GPR X-3 Ultra imaging and remote sensing at the same time very sophisticated
This system works on transceiver property to send waves of electric waves powerful alternative Geo, integrated by the receiver can determine the focus point and the track and it the link through the connector of the power of the objective line and determine the point of presence and depth with precision and ease.
It was after our use of the system for long term Ala_i_ara, we can work on real-time imaging radar system and more direct imaging system, we connect the ground scanner (radar Alssanzor) input device Nouselh its own, and we then connect with your laptop by Bluetooth technology, then we program of detection of Aperture installed on your computer and to determine a desirable detection system findWe define the same system that we have chosen the device and confirm by pressing OK, and then start the scan key and then these keys in the section on the control system, radar imagery, at this time, we have dealt with the scanner sensitive radar to the ground away from the 15 cm for turning soil of what it and display the results directly on the screen of the laptop from the presence of targets or the lack of it be found to clarify the size and depth and type, and there are programs scan other imaging through which we surveyed the area is complete and store surveying in the computer’s memory, and the analysis of the survey program analysis and mediation to see the target to see the three to two dimensions and the knowledge of the depth of the targetthe radar shape, size and type, or may use the appliance without the laptop, and detection by electromagnetic waves including using this system in the case ran in this wave of any metal gives the device a sound alert to the presence of metal in the soil.


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