GPX 4500 metal detector

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GPX 4500 metal detector
GPX 4500
GPX 4500 metal detector
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Discover the device to depths ranging from 1 to 3 meters, depending on the size of the detected target
The device operates on an integrated digital work system and automatic control system and manual
Hardware and programming itself interacts with the soil with an automatic
Control bmtosiat power search
Volume control and reference
Manufacturing company mainlab.
The company has several branches in the United States, Ireland and Australia
Types of metal hardware and burials and features
This device, which is in the first rank of electromagnetic devices containing the outcome of a quarter century of detection technology
Minerals. And support this device chip DSP)) e-makes it more advanced so that no other device excellence. This includes identifying the target wetmiizhtkhtitia and graphically in addition to its unparalleled in its exploration to great depths and its detection of various materials and minerals.   
GPX 4500 metal detector
Specifications and features
-Electromagnetic system developer and is the first globally
-Depth reaches 3 meters
-Adapts to the pace of exploration to provide better performance.
-Provides more precise information on the identity of the detected target using objective analysis graphically.
-Provides real information about target size and depth using a technique
Graphic imaging to define and indicate the best aim identity.
-Gives you continuous tracking of the maximum depth possible for various goals explored
Device properties:
Peculiarities of my GTI 2500:
-Business system and handle information controlled by computer
-Sophisticated electric power circuit
-The process of photographing my target (LCD)
-Determine the purpose, nature and size and depth
-Distinction between metal 24 level
-Voice response system target sharp
-Accurate information about target size
Hardware components:
-Main unit LCD screen and contains all keys to run waalbrmgh and selection
-Special carrying case contains all hardware accessories
-A search by measuring 25 cm and another measuring 45 cm
-User manual in Arabic and English
Video to learn how to install and use the device
-2 year warranty
-US industry
This device is a “Star” because of the brilliant and sophisticated characteristics unlike devices available on the market today. We are proud that this device has a search system for all types of metals at depths of good, which gives you the process of exploring and identifying target above plus for treasure “where advertised purpose and provide you with information and target place verbally. GTI 2500