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The GPX 5000 has greater soil tuning capabilities, allowing greater sensitivity to small fragments in highly mineralized soils. This model is intended primarily for professionals: geologists and prospectors, those who value maximum results. Six factory-set search programs that you can change, plus four custom programs.

Provides a clearer signal when detecting small gold objects than advanced timing, improves detection of raw gold and flakes, while suppressing most signals from magnetic rocks and other ground interference. It is recommended to re-trace areas with highly mineralized soils containing shallow nuggets, where gold has been found previously.

Performance of the Minelab GPX 5000 gold detector

This timing may enhance signals on some near-surface magnetic configurations, but significantly dampens the threshold tone on some soils, especially with DD coils. “Extra Sensitivity” timing is recommended for searching small, deep targets with a moderate level of ground mineralization. Suitable for searching for small coins.

“Sharp response” allows increased detection depth, but is more susceptible to interference and produces more powerful false signals in complex mineral soils. This timing provides the best results in uninterrupted conditions and can be used successfully with deep search mode. Suitable for searching for coins.

“Coins/Relics” is for poorly mineralized soils, such as black soil, sand, or a non-salty beach. It provides a maximum detection depth for targets of various sizes, which significantly exceeds that of other timing devices. This timing should give good results when searching in ancient areas, settlements, and abandoned beaches. It is recommended to search for coins, jewelry and relics. On ocean beaches with a high percentage of black iron sand, best results can be achieved using “normal” or “salt/gold” soil timing.

The GPX 5000 is designed not only for genuine gold fishing, but also for trophy and beach hunting enthusiasts who do not require superior sensitivity on very small targets. Four factory-set programs that you can change.