should you ground balance when metal detecting for gold

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The halo effect is observed when metal object is long enough in the ground. In this case, the metal object is oxidized and formed area with high mineralization. Detector reacts to this area increased salinity and in fact the purpose seems greater than it is, and is found at greater depths. means the detectors work on multiple frequencies. Single-frequency detectors have a somewhat limited capacity. This is because low frequencies penetrate deeper into the soil, but worse seeing small objects, Noise or false positives occur when no detector or balancing this balancing has not been completed correctly. Unbalanced detector will respond and give false signals when you move the search coil over the plots of soil with high mineralization over stones with high mineralization above the plots of land and over holes in the ground.

 should you ground balance when metal detecting for gold

should you ground balance when metal detecting for gold

Most gold prospecting detectors feature manual ground balance controls. Metal detecting for gold nuggets is the gold mining equivalent, nugget you find, the fact is that successful detector operators tend to find gold Detectors that feature automatic ground balance will require less adjustment.

why ground balance a metal detector

One feature of the metal detector that can greatly impact what’s found is ground balance. Learning how to properly ground balance a metal detector is crucial, all VLF style metal detectors have some form of ground balance or mineral. it looks so good that you don’t waste any time ground balancing your metal detector, but instead flip the unit on and begin swinging the coil.

metal detector ground balance

Ground Balance Different kinds of soil are packed with different levels of natural mineralization, and mineralization can throw off a detector, Soil mineralization may vary greatly, and you may have to re-ground balance your detector to adjust for soil mineralization; unless, It is up to the user to adequately balance the detector to the ground conditions. It is also up to the user to continually recheck the ground balance.

means the ability to accurately determine the location of depth detectors target. Most detectors Minelab have precise targeting function. The process of determining the exact location of targets is as follows: operator includes Pinpoint mode and starts to slowly move the coil above the intended location of the goal of trying to find a place in which the strongest signal detector. For more accurate results, we recommend that you turn on 90° and repeat the process.

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