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ground metal detection – The vast majority of fans hobby search with a metal detector uses to find the universal ground metal detectors . Hence the code name hobby – ground metal detection  .

This hobby is not the most mass ” involved ” specialized underwater or deep detectors and therefore hobby accessible to most people, and , in principle, does not require special equipment , equipment or extensive training .

All that is within the ” reach ” of ground metal detectors  On land and partly under water becomes the object of the hunt. Clay search is available for users of all ages and skill levels. For some, it’s the excitement and passion , for others – gainful employment .

ground metal detection Metal detectors to search for gold metal detectors for gold
ground metal detection

Accordingly, one category of users exciting spends his free time and another painstakingly explores all possible sources of information , the search location , acquires special equipment , high-tech metal detectors and serious about finding dirt . These are amateurs and professionals .

Find coins in all possible places people live and play , especially on the beaches , attracts many fans of ground searches. Beaches are places that regularly “topped up ” finds. By the way, not only stoppers from bottles and coins , but the real gold jewelry .

Plowed field often find themselves in places of former settlements, but it can only confirm the old maps . The soil in search of these places is attractive because the lower layers of the soil are moved closer to the surface, and search for hidden objects become available for detection.

Find treasures and hiding places as old as the world and there are many treasure hunters at all times , as long as there are not found treasures , there will always be willing to find them. Metal as a search tool , has become a good helper these desperate enthusiasts . This category of fans ground search does not advertise its activities and findings for obvious reasons.

Search for war relics is both exciting and dangerous hobby. Here, along with the findings of little value and the present war relics across dangerous discoveries , reckless actions which may lead to tragedy. The soil in the search field battles of the Second World War. Unsafe activities . However , despite this , there are even groups of “black ” and ” white” archaeologists who legally and illegally conducting excavations in the ground fighting.

The probability of finding ancient artifacts is very low, but has a right to exist. The probability of finding gold nuggets and various types of meteorites are high enough and the real . The cost of finds is quite high, and these interests can be called elite . This hobby enthusiasts and professionals.

This is not only interesting but very important

Undoubtedly , ground search is an interesting and lucrative hobby , but not all search sites can be easier to find with a metal detector . Territory or facility that you have chosen to conduct the search , it may be a private or public property. So be sure to ask about this at the moment and need to get permission from the property owner, if necessary.

Typically, private property owners always give consent . Why ? Because , without making any effort , they can have a share of your findings. Be sure to know that the Battle of the historical sites are protected by state and are not available for hobbies. Or maybe it ‘s for the better ?

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