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home security alarm reviews In the category information security systems more articles and learn more information about home security alarm reviews Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

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home security alarm reviews

motion cameras for security Camera type and manner of installation in detail

Types of cameras
Indoor  cameras
External Outdoor cameras
Including fixed Fixed CCTV cameras including PT mobile

When buying cameras please observe the following:

Type of camera:
NTSC: static image and crisp
PAL: a volatile image when lighting ()
-The resolution is measured in what is called an abbreviation for Television TVL Lines
-Lens size is measured by mm lenses
. Alan or infrared for night photography and measured in so-called Lux
-Distance in meters M photography.

The greater the TVL and the large size of the lens was a better image
The smaller the measured Lux was the purest night photography

Digital Video Recording System Home security camera
home security alarm reviews

Way link cameras:
1. connect the DVR recording device where the hard disk for storage and DVD storage on your computer directly or need special DVR PCI card desktop computer

2. connect the camera through your collection and collect the cameras and show it on TV so this device from the registry but immediate and direct control and if you have only one camera you will not need for your collection you can connect directly to TV

Multiple capacities set the registry also by number four cameras inputs, 8, 16 and 32

Registration areas will vary depending on the hard disk devices available in the market can installs hard disk space four TB which 4000 GB
For mobile cameras can be controlled by recording devices that support PTZ cameras or special panel can be connected to control proximity and distance Zoom and clarity and Focus
You can monitor your cite remotely via the Internet and mobile phone wherever you are, you can control the moving cameras and zoom and rotation of the camera and you can register and by booking your Real IP address, Static IP

I mean your only business permitted control cannot buy houses home IP
Also does not allow the installation of the cameras internal concerns, hotel rooms and apartments, as in one apartment and the joys of women caused them a big problem because they wore hidden cameras and can count here, thumb-sized small cameras and cameras as air freshener sticks to the wall and cameras as smoke and heat detectors for fire alarm be installed in ceiling
So please inspect such places before seating

And who wants to control the doors of the House to install cameras gate Needless to install surveillance cameras may be expensive.

The advanced digital surveillance system called DVR (Digital Video Recording System)-is one of the most important pillars of the new surveillance systems-its characteristics and advantages that make it capable of meeting the requirements, is well documented as being fully-it is also a reference to all previous events-allowing system refer to what you noted surveillance cameras by selecting the date and the time-and today-along with the print or copy any of these recordings, which are typically documented

JVC security camera Sony cheaper to make and more diverse than the others

1 – the system can best follow up video and audio from the boardroom by PC or the PC or TV screen through a very modern surveillance cameras feature multiple possibilities.

2. these cameras with remote trigger property so you can move the cameras in all directions up, down, left and right up to 360 degrees. (Model PTZ)

3. this system has the property registry to digitally audio for very long periods and high accuracy.

4. access and remote control

5. the attention of the integrated system of theft.

6. possibility of display on a computer screen or on television?

7. can control many cameras within the system about 800 camera.

8 – through cameras achieve property zoom (PTZ).

9 system can capture a photo and enlarge 264 times.

10. through this system can achieves a property where the warning cameras up something so if this thing the system send an alarm to the control center.

11. control is entirely within the control room or control key and nothing final order control points.

12. If there is any malfunction of the camera, the system sends warning letters to the control center.

13 features of these cameras are so wonderful as it is one best type of cameras Korean industry be remembered as a subsidiary company of cnb, these large projects, where the company has installed these products on the United Nations and the Security Consul and Tokyo International tunnel and all European airports

Smart cameras
There are advanced and sophisticated techniques in the world of video cameras. But we will look for camcorders digital video camera Smart smart, used to control. We all know the regular video cameras known as CCTV Camera, use the-only-for event logging and monitoring in most Government and private installations.

Spread of surveillance cameras in places and many facilities for prevention of offenses, but the need to keep the human element which performs data analysis control bars. But a smart surveillance cameras will customize a small staff to follow up, as would allow extended use in public facilities.

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home security alarm reviews

motion cameras for security Camera type and manner of installation in detail

Smart camera has many advantages. One of the most important is not to large energy consumption as it is for the cameras CCTV Camera. It only works when a person or movement or sound. Where several sensors with different applications. There are sensor based on infrared light, designed to detect movement of objects, and then start the camera in the move toward the goal and focus it and follow it. When did the goal camera range, it sends a signal to the cameras to follow the moving object and specify its location. This type of network is called Smart Camera Network networks smart cameras.

There is another type depends on sound detection and follow-up of its origin, this kind of modern cameras. They are designed in a manner based on the principal of Voice Recognition to identify the source of different sounds. For example: If here shooting the camera knows that there is a sound of gunfire, and then starting work and locate the sound and its follow-up, and send a signal to all the cameras connected to the network, and from here continue the sound source.

The third type of smart cameras work on smell to find out the type of volatile substance in the atmosphere. The cameras have been trained to distinguish among smells different liquids and gases. Research in this area is very advanced, and there are sophisticated and modern cameras but kept secret, due to its use in chemical plants and nuclear facilities. These cameras may exist on the market, but they are not of high technologies. These cameras can be used in industrial installations which produce gases or toxic elements or burning.

The camera can be designed based on two or more sensors. But it will be costly, especially when combined with other cameras through the smart grid. The ideal solution to have several CCTV. Each circle (network) works differently depending on the location and surrounding environment. Audio cameras for example: must not be in crowded places, such as shopping malls, schools, training Centre, secret passages, entrances to libraries, museums and military installations may be the place to install such cameras.

The problems we face when using a regular Camera CCTV cameras it works all the time, and this makes the monitor screens are a difficult task. You may need many security guards to monitor screens, because the common man cannot control more than eight cameras simultaneously. But when the screen just in time of danger, it’s easy to control and follow-up. It draws the attention of the observer at specific times.

From the experience of a large Gulf where some 15,000 CCTV analog cameras principal operates CCTV Analog Camera, how can the building control, and see real-time event.

Attached images

The surveillance cameras CCTV system allows you to view system and control the cameras back to the registry and save it for a period of time and through sophisticated control and presentation software that controls the locations of cameras on display and setting the alarm system if any emergency, the time of day that you want to register them besides cameras with night vision and motion cameras so this type of cameras to the camera where you want and bring objects.

The surveillance cameras CCTV system applies in all areas and sectors, excellent efficiency and without problems (such as government departments, factories, hospitals, schools, etc.)

The CCTV cameras to classification as possible:

..:: Regular cameras and the DOME cameras::.

..:: Cameras with auto iris lenses that adopt to changing intensity lighting location::.

..:: Day and Night cameras that work in low light:: a.

..:: Animated cameras Pan/Tilt/Zoom::.
And these cameras for their relevance will be clarified in the attachment.

..:: Waterproof cameras and whether factors, fire … IP67, IP66 UL94 Water proof, Vandal, fire proof

..:: Warehousing:: camera holder.

…: Cameras that are connected directly to the computer or Swish Max.

Recording devices and VIDEO recasting SERVER DVR

This device has the following functions:

Split the image appears on the screen with the number of cameras-cameras on the screen with a time relay.
Recording and replay of recorded-motion detection capabilities, alarm, PTZ camera control.
Connect your device to the network information and possible follow-up to the place from any device on the network or through the Internet

KEYBOARD Control Panel

For the following positions:

Control screen image
Animated moving camera control vertical/horizontal/action zoom


Divided into:

Color screens
Black and white screens
More screens of the CHANNEL

And brands available:




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