how does a gold atom become a gold ion

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how does a gold atom become a gold ion

Gold ions in the buried target detection

Much of what we hear about hardware failure and the failure of the skewers and hardware sensors in particular.
All of the user’s ignorance of Earth and nature and properties of minerals, understanding the user or researcher the characteristics of minerals and soil and land could make a successful and unsuccessful device even if it’s just skewers of copper.

how does a gold atom become a gold ion

Now begin to separate topics relating to burials, and start the subject of ions, so that gold is not polarized and the only strong ions has composed about gold magnetic field but weak for ions, using modern techniques, respond with four iwans are basically correct targeting random.


Explain now the ions through Science:

The ion is an atom electrically charged after a chemical reaction (I took or gave the electrons of an atom or group of atoms), and there is also an ion as a set of atoms is called the cluster ions, and ion types:


Positive ion (cation) and is non-electrically neutral atom, the number of protons which is greater than the number of electrons that the positive charge in the atom of higher negative charge. The positive impact of loss is non-ionizing the atom for electrons (positive amount of charge you take corn to the number of electrons lost). For example, if you lose the corn alleviating one having been impartial (neutral, i.e. the number of protons = number of electrons), the number of protons which is greater than the number of electrons in one unit that corn shipped with positive charge (+ 1).


A negative ion (anion) is an electrically neutral atom the number of electrons is greater than the number of protons, the negative charge in the atom is greater than the positive charge. The amount of negative charge of an atom the number of electrons gained, for example, if acquired one electron Atom, the electrons become greater one number of protons as the electron is negative, then shipped the corn shipment (-1).


This classification of positive and negative ions proves scientifically that a strong relationship with her blood work dowsing rods if the blood which clique, with negative ions it strongly to’ks and vice versa with the true …
And always gold ions, and the rest of the metals do not know anything about him.


This scientific analysis and precise definition of the iwans, and now we start with the simple, colloquial speech to deliver information in an easy way for the reader.
Atomic radii of ions (atoms) coming out of gold after gold to remain longer in the ground, overlap and interaction with soil and land formation and regularity of nature with the magnetic North-South lines, moles, shorthand stainless and gold oxidized.
And ions go out like a light and have properties similar to light, which it implements through the dirt particles, and can not carry out of stones and metal barriers, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of hardware that uses ion research.
Even copper rods respond to these rays.
The ions out of the sides and the edges of rocks, and that’s the biggest trap for users and the skewers so they are looking for a goal on the ions directly to the thought that the ions coming out straight, and this is contrary to nature, but in one case, if there is no barrier or impediment above it.


This is concise and very useful for understanding the formation of ions of metals, specifically gold.

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