How to care for my detector

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How to care for my detector


All electronic equipment, metal detectors have to be handled properly to not shorten your life time decrease device performance, or in the worst case damaged completely.


Obviously any metal detector is designed to withstand shock, fall or be subjected to crushing (by an incorrect storage for example). And only a few are fully submersible, so you have to read well the characteristics of your detector to know if (single coil) is partially waterproof, fully submersible or not waterproof at all.

How to care for my detector


It is not the same as a detector is waterproof to be submersible. It should be especially careful with the sensor connectors, rather than nothing with connectors that connect the coil with the control unit and the control unit battery, because a bad connection engages the full operation of the metal detector, and can cause serious damage.


To protect the connectors do not pull the cord, but it either to connect or to disconnect, should hold the connector for the end, which is usually designed for this.


We must also be careful with buttons, knobs, and other controls, because if they are abruptly stop working properly and can that even now the detector cannot be used. Our detector uses a rechargeable battery also should be given a proper care.


For example, most modern detectors come with lithium ion batteries, which can spoil if they completely lose their charge. Therefore it is important that if you are not using your detector for a season (weeks or months) you charge the battery to a 40%.