How to choose a metal detector coil

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How to choose a metal detector coil


The market is huge amounts of metal coils.


Reels differ in size and operating frequency.
Coil 5-8 inches
Coil data apply to littered areas. As the coverage area of the plot is too small, then the coil is very useful in places such as beaches, public parks, or in areas of mass rest. Just a little easier to search coil in the grass, that not a few important summer when her very much.


Coil diameter greater than 15 inches.

Search for submerged coils. Search depth increases by more than 30% compared to a regular coils, which are equipped with metal detectors. Great for finding all the metals. But better use find it already on some broken ground where used reels of smaller diameter. The radius of the coil allows you to go greater distances in the search.
Consider such an option, at a distance of 30 cm from each other are 2 object. When working with a 6 inch diameter coil detector “detects” these objects as 2 different goals, and when you work with 10.5 inch reel detector “detects” these goals as one. So if you’re searching for sites on garbage, such as beaches, it makes sense to put together a smaller diameter coils detectors 5-8 inches. Yes, these coils are smaller detection depth, but you clearly distinguish between goal and digging less garbage.

How to choose a metal detector coil



The working frequency of the coil.

is that the higher the frequency, the worse the search coil “penetration”, but a better detector detects small objects. The lower the frequency, the better the depth of penetration, but worse than the detector – small objects.


When making a decision about choosing the size and operating frequency coils for each individual and depends on the search conditions. Decide for yourself which type of search you are more interested in what you want to search. Then choose how the coil and the device will be easier.