How to connect smoke detectors

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more than 1/3 of all United States households are not protected by smoke detectors. Even more surprising is the fact that the mortality rate in homes without smoke detectors is 45 percent higher than in homes, doing work. In order to protect his family from becoming victims of a fire in the home, must have smoke detectors installed in your home. In the United States, a person dies in a fire every 156 minutes. The best type of smoke detectors to use is the kind powered by electricity. These types can be connected in a series so that if one goes out, everyone does it.

Why may a smoke detector be you useful


Run a dedicated 15 amp circuit on the electrical panel to the site of the first detector of smoke. Then run a length of three-wire cable (black, red and white) of the location of the first smoke detector to the second, the second to the third and so on.

Pull the two lengths of cable box old drywall work that first smoke detector is located. Install the housing in the ceiling. Cut excess cord, leaving approximately 6 inches each out hanging box.

Peel the outer cover of the two sets of wire insulation to reveal the individual wire strands. Next, use the wire strippers to remove about 3/4 inch of insulation from each wire.

Take the module wiring from the first smoke detector and connect the two black wires in the junction box to the black wire in the wiring module. Follow the same procedure for the white wires. Then connect the Red wire to the yellow (or red) wire junction box wiring module.

Install smoke detector as recommended by the manufacturer.

The cabling for each smoke detector after the first will be the same–black wires connected to each other, white cables connected between themselves and the yellow (or red) wire module connected to the red wires.

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At the end, turn on the circuit and insert a new battery in each smoke detector. Press the Test button on one of the smoke detectors.

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