How to detect counterfeit antique coins

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How to detect counterfeit antique coins

In the world of coins and archaeological artifacts and statues now appears bad phenomenon, namely the counterfeiting of currency and artifacts and statues
Markets full of forged whether antiques or coins and detect and find out which are the counterfeiter learned easily and should practice it but can apprentice to the orders that peruses some help identify forged especially commercial ways and counterfeiter is not accurate
1. for coins check the edges under the Magnifier may notes potentially file or not, these rigging tag
2. check under the microscope for metal surface very precisely do you notice corrosion and wear one of these original tag
3. If you have large quantities of the same type of currency is 100% similar, these rigging tag because it is hard to be original completely similar amltitin only be some difference if simple
4. an important weight especially if most silver being forged do not use silver for a high price but resorted to a lighter metals like silver and so can sell at cheap prices and that’s what happens in forging dollars
And often undetectable magnets because it tzormn cheap iron minerals not necessarily all
5. consistency and rotate fully exterior is often the rigging
6. outer edges check under almkberhl there is no impact teeth that no effects file, both signs of forgery

These are some of the observations that can be relied upon perhaps apprentice helps him particularly forged in a simple way

Either counterfeiter accurately sometimes museums and experts disagree and these worlds for sure need to experience and practice and the sixth sense and other take accurate measurements and precise weight and compare it with original catalog

In addition to the
1. try to collect the largest amount of counterfeit currency and try to have the original and try comparing and finding the exact and reflect on the differences between them
2. for pottery pieces-inhale aroma widget and often smelling of pottery the falsification of the original can not have a smell
3. pour water on pottery if sucked quickly these native mark because the new pottery is saturated with humidity and water reverse the original water-thirsty
3. for stone statues try checking under the Magnifier is drilling and manual hand tools or it appears full coordination under the Magnifier can be easily able to identify traces of aldarl which is used in fraud
4. try scratched with a sharp piece more hardness is the native
5. for seals:
Check under the Magnifier the drilling depth deeper is the native
Check the drill format where less coordinated they are the original
Try to reflect the existence of effects of llderl that is used to automatically seal, excavation is a forgery

If the seal of the sort that appear side writings, drawings or so-called balslinder wekhashalashoret them

If alrosomat it usually pits the rigging if eminent is a native

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