How to find gold with a metal detector Ground Hawk

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How to find gold with a metal detector Ground Hawk

More than one century and a half have passed since the great California gold rush attracted thousands of dreamers and seekers in the Golden State in search of an instant fortune. Today, prospectors are more likely to carry than spikes metal detectors or take dynamite and his quest for gold most often to a beach to a mountain or stream, where you can search for gold and other precious metals buried in the sand with this detector. What differentiates the metal detector Ground Hawk, apart from others available on the market, is that circuits allow you to detect objects more deeply rooted. This increases both your accuracy and your success rate.

Black Hawk metal detector



Level of difficulty:
You will need to
Ground Hawk metal detector
8 AA batteries
Field to search
A shovel
A palette
Choose a place to go with your detector. Adjust the volume to the level six. Notes the detector head downwards and move it from side to side. You will hear a constant sound of static electricity. Remember that the device will also detect the precious metals that you’re not looking, as a brace of gold or silver, or the toe ring.
Ground Hawk metal detector moves search head in a small area at a time, while you hit the trigger. If you hear a clicking sound, this indicates that you are on a metal. However, if it happens to you that you’re on precious as gold, silver or bronze metals, the signal will change and the indicator lights in green or blue.
Places search head directly over the area in which you got a reading significantly stronger. Tune control to level 15, while you barres that area in particular. This will eliminate the possibility that your detector to simply pick up the changes in the composition of the soil.
It is the point at which you are receiving the signal stronger and cava there. Do it carefully so that you do not destroy the delicate items which you can discover in the process.
Removes dust from the piece and fills in the gaps that you’ve dug. Go ahead and repeat the process.

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Metal detector Black Hawk

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