How to find the treasure without the metal detector

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How to find the treasure without the metal detector


Many people are addicted to searching for treasures, but not everyone has the necessary adaptations and certainly not everyone can afford expensive metal detector. But how to find the treasure without the metal detector? Let us say at once, in this case, luck plays a big role, because the treasure in the form of a scattering of antique coins and can be detected without special equipment.

How to find the treasure without the metal detector



The most important thing is to determine where you will have the ability to find anything. First of all, this old House that had been built during the Royal regime and desired to find an abandoned house. Ownership of the House to the historic building is easy to determine by looking at the nails used in the construction of the home, they should be not just factory and forged by hand. Most importantly, searching in older homes, you must make sure that the structure or its remnants belong to nobody. The absence of joiner’s products can point to the fact that the House is cast and you can easily search for their treasure.


The most likely places where can is the coin is a door and window boxes, and the cavity under the internal trims. Carefully lift the box and inspect all internal surfaces. Typically such locations can be found isolated instances of coins, but regularly. Usually, in these places you can find coins, and sometimes comes across and petty King’s silver.


One of the best places to look for the treasure, are the corners of houses. Typically, during the construction of the House, in its corners, directly below the foundations laid gold and silver coins. The greatest difficulty in finding in such places is accurately set and get to the center of the corner.


Unless of course you are in can be a little hard to dig and dig up the House. In most cases they consist of several layers of preserved land, decayed logs, straw, iron. In them you will be able to detect objects larger than a coin, for example, clay pots, antique bottles, axes, unless of course you are lucky, the household goods of precious metals, knives and other weapons.


The next interesting place, no doubt, are the joints of the beams bearing the genital. Of course it is very difficult to dismantle them, and you can use even a chainsaw in order to facilitate the work. Usually in such places have laid on a few pieces of silver.
The Loft at home can also penetrate to search only if the roof since the construction does not cover. It must be done from shallow and almost rotten wood, metal shingles. Making his way to the attic should first dig in the corners and around the pipe. You can then hand rummage on top of the beams, quite often there’s been bookmarked since the civil war. However, if the roof closed for the Loft can be slate, not even looking.

Find treasures on the banks of the river without a metal detector

How to find the treasure without the metal detector

One important point! Shore of the river, which forms the major, ancient trade routes, usually saturated places have been listed as lists of protected objects. And in today’s climate, the more thrust there in any case impossible. Consider also that most of these sites does not marked on the ground, and a generation of adventurers past the places most accessibility along the famous trade routes. On the beach, if the water is warm, you can do the search box and without the device – visual observation in the surf. Try to look at the land from the water. Justification is simple: gold objects are static, and the sand and pebbles, constantly moved back and forth in the surf wave, then bare, then fall asleep again these items. The same process takes place from the shore. But the surf look, basically, from the land, and not from the water. I had to talk to people who have struggled with the Black Sea summer boredom in this way. That’s what they advised….Read Post

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As the device designs more complex and cost increases, the instrument’s ability to recognize the metal object without dig improves. When cost is different, the sensitivity of the detectors is increased slightly (most often 20-35 cm for coins and about 1-1.5 m for large finds). However, more complex devices equipped with processors…..Read Post

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