How to get deep underground targets using GoldField

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As you might imagine, this program is designed to find the nugget of gold. Very good with her to search for gold on the complex grounds. the main feature of the program is to Mine soil balance. You can customize it, I prefer push button and lift the metal detector up and down, making the “pumping” of the movement. This is the best option, in my opinion, because it is easier to detect the tiniest nuggets, which sometimes differ from weak indicators indicators of soil. What adjustments available? Sensitivity.

In Russian, it is set at the exclusion of railway purposes. Search engines call this menu bar just-“iron”. Setup allows you to reject the iron (ferromagnetic). Settings go from 0 to 5. It is best to work on level 3. So there will be more detection depth.

How to get deep underground targets using GoldField

How to get deep underground targets using GoldField

Can I use the GoldField in the normal field? You can, but if the search goes to the garbage all territories, the program would negate the mine you crazy, she is very sensitive. Although you can use Mine program just for the exploration of the terrain (it still is based on the mode “all metals”). In an open field, the program will show the mine myself with a better hand will give you the advantage. It allows to detect the underlying purpose in more depth and in General is more sensitive than conventional search tools on the basis of discrimination IAR (iron), you can create your own program with the settings railway deviation targets. Such a program would be best kept side by side with your main program search to make it easy to switch between them by pressing the “-” and “+”.

Can I use GoldField to find hoards?

Yes, of course, if you adapt. Here are my recommendations: the frequency of 4 kHz, deep recovery rate 0-1, iron-on personal preferences, depending on the sensitivity of ground conditions.

I advise you also regularly update soil balance, ignore short signals, pay more attention to the long, clear. It could be the most profound purpose.

Can I use GoldField for Beach Search?

Program Mine good beaches, especially with big coil, once again, keep soil balance often.

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